Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran

This mega hit melody is from the movie, Kavikkuyil released in the year 1976, directed by Devaraj Mohan and acted by Sivakumar, Rajinikant, Sridevi, Fatafat Jayalakshmi etc., The song was heard allover Tamilnadu for its melodious composing. Ilayaraja had composed the music and the song was sung by the carnatic singer Dr.Bala Murali Krishna. Disclaimer: This song was uploaded for fun only and not violating the copyrights of the original. If any objections were made the same shall be removed from the list of uploads.

Lauree Barrientes

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XxHamburgur FredXx

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scotty mills

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R.K .H

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Mary Light

I know someone who has that, but I've known that since not long after I met her, so to me it's normal. I love all parts of her. -but yeah, I really love to hear your gf is there for you, I think it's really important & helps alot.

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Youtube Girl 2.0

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