Chor Bazar Delhi - Buy cheap price shoes, watches, electronics, camera & more

Chor Bazar, thieves marketis located near Chandni chowk, opposite Red fort. Marketstarts from Red Fort and goes upto Daryaganj. This is a 2 km long stretch where you can get to buy - shoes, Watches, DSLR, electronics , jeans and much more.You may want to support this channel:bazar starts at 4 am in morning every Sunday and goes on till 4 pm evening. I reached here at 5 am and was amazed to discover that thousand of buyers were already there.How to reach chor bazar Delhi.Travelling by metro- Get down at chandni chowk metro station if you are travelling from Gurgaon or Jahangirpuri side.Get down at Red fort station if you are travelling from Faridabad side.If you are travelling to Delhi through interstate bus, then you can get down at Kashmere gate ISBT , take a auto and come down to Red fort chor bazar, its hardly 2 kms distance from there.Things to be careful of when going to Chor bazar of Delhi.1. Be careful of your belongings, like mobile and purse. This place is very crowded.2. Test before buying, we bought pen drive without testing and found that to be fake. Deo also we found to be fake. I also bought 2 bags, which I found to be good value for money.3. You can also buy used electronics - like TV, laptop, more over some people also sell computer accessories like hard drive, USB cables etc.4. I found 2 people who were selling 2nd hand video camera at competitive price. Seller had thorough knowledge of camera features and was ready to get it tested before selling it to us.I have a JVC video cam at home, which is not of any use for me. I spoke to one of the sellers and he got ready to buy from me for Rs 1000, which means you can also sell your old electronics here at chor bazar.5. You will also get to see some people selling cameras here, golden rule is check and test before buying any second hand item.6. Shoes, jeans - I saw many people selling brands at cheap rates, that is merely copy with illegal labels. I don't see any merit in buying shoes just for the heck of showing the brand, when comfort will not be there of a good branded shoe.7. You will experience high negotiation on prices, visit to Chor bazarwill certainly enhance your negotiation skills.From over all experience perspective - If you are in Delhi or travelling to Delhi, its a must visit market, I am sure lot of learnings will evolve around the way markets behave. Over all there will be compromise in product quality, buy from there only if you are super sure that you are buying the right product at right price.................................................................................................................About the creator of this video:Myself- Harish Bali-I love to travel to new places, explore food and share my learnings and observations with viewers through this channel - visa2explore.I have done a video on street food of chandni chowk, you may want to see that, as you may want to explore it after your visit at Chor bazar:Old Delhi street food part 1: Old delhi street food part 2: Should you have any query related to Chor bazar, please feel free to ask that in comments below. I will be more than happy to share my experience.Thanks for your time, if you found this video good, please share this video, it will help channel and video get visibility.

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