Chris Brown - Wobble Up (Official Video) ft. Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy

“Wobble Up" out now! Chris Brown: Nicki Minaj: Follow G-Eazy: G-Eazy Official Site: On Twitter: On Facebook: on Instagram: #NickiMinaj #GEazy #WobbleUp

Milosz Baldew

Is anyone in 2019?!

Jack Bauer

Here's to one of the, if not even the best Top xy, channel on YouTube! Good job passing this huge milestone, I bet this will go higher soon.

Gazelle di animal

There is a girl in my grade who has Stage 4 brain cancer and she is in the hospital for 3,000 dollars per month so my school did a fundraiser for her it went well even though she is still at the hospital we wish her well


BTW, if you get a S-rank for the rail-shooting mission, he will say "that was perfect", instead of "what took you so long?".

Catie Lee

I thought everyone was overreacting to the flowers in the comments until they drew her in the therapists office why the fuck was both the couch & walls covered in flowers, along with all 3 shirts?


God bless them all! This is so sad and beautiful. It is beautiful because you are making all these wonderful children happy and is sad because all these people are in need!

Kayla Lanzotti

Haha the panda cracked my whole family up

mega memes

Come on ty I could save that

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tegar halawa

is american guys shorter than british?

Jo Ke

PE teachers are always creeps

Coolman Hahn

God this video is boring why does it have so many views? I'm guessing the thumbnail had something to do with it

Lol Lord Snot Head Kitten

I got autism this is relatable

Amanda Theis

For me ty's shirt is glitchy

DJ Slide

My sister has this. This video has been insightful.

wolf empire

i love you cobe

Ian Stiehl

When did Michael Bay take over dude perfect

Noah Dimick


hector killer

whos waching this in 2018 me



Kommadant Heer

I'm OCD too! But not that kind of OCD.

I was never here

5:39 really? He's the one who's annoying? Aren't you talking about yourself😒

Siva Phaneendra

Rocket battle

Rai Benjamin da Silva

Translating the message from the TV to english: Adoption is an option. I’m not sure where my relationship is right now, I think I’m an anxious, and I’m trying to build up self trust, but I don’t feel like my boyfriend is helping.


I know, TF2 is an FPS while this is RPG/Free roam, but the Headless Horseman is from TF2, fucktard...

Alesia Miller

Loved the trophy references Ginger Snaps and Let the Right One In are two of my favorite horror films.

myungsook choi

Wait. At 1:47 Joe said something about mechanical arms. IS DOC OCK IN THIS MOVIE??!!??!!


Bob Ross

Why did they “bleep” out bullying?

Jade 1359

😂 Me and my sister also watched the movie last night

big daddy

i need a movie based on this now

Fitness 4life

am the master of flip

Jay Hunnit

my guy walks like telletuby at the end pushing trolley 😭 😭 but love u loads Nate 😂❤️

Her: WeRE BeiNG RoBbEd!


I killed my turkey assassin


Ty is my favorite

Niki Chris

The song




A lot of things like writing telephone numbers on the wall being the very start of the story makes me think that someone didn't write this but it's instead scripted by a company


Omg Mike.... it's alright, my dude... ;; ❤️

Dont do drugs

Caressa Neyland

Check my YouTube channel Epicboy and jr j

pixelgun 3d



Idk what fantasy foot ball is😥

Dez Fuquay


Nathan Howard

Dude perfect should come to Louisiana and do a video in one of ours sport stores be awesome


Fun fact: Pepper seeds actually do not contain any heat whatsoever. All of the capsaicin oil (what makes peppers hot) is contained in the placenta (the white pith within) of the pepper. Keeping the seeds in does nothing.

Scott Leonard

Can Mathias come back he was my favorite on team edge I miss him being on the show.😭😃

Madhumita Dutta

6:07 Charles Xavier

Frédéric Derauld

"Mirror's Edge 2 is apparently in development."

Jordan Gingery

Tall guy


my day got a whole lot better


Keep up the good work how do u find all these easter eggs

TMNT Squad

When will they confirm Ethma😫

Powiedziałam mu, co się dzieje. Uciszył się i rozłączył. Próbowałam się do niego dodzwonić, ale nie odbierał lub jego telefon był wyłączony. Skuliłam się i płakałam. Byłam przerażona i kompletnie zagubiona. Zadzwoniłam do Polly, która pobiegła kupić test ciążowy i wszystko czego się obawiałam stał się prawdą. Moje marzenia po prostu rozpadły się na moich oczach. Nie ma mowy żebym mogła teraz wrócić na uczelnię. To skończone. Moje życia jest skończone. Bo jestem w ciąży.

Emily Poll

9:31 "BABE you did so good" piping ethma tea

Gourmet Slimes

I admire Kylie so much, I feel like everyone judges people for being rich but Kylie has worked so hard to grow her business. 💖💓💕💗

will harless

Lol da whistiler abd the cow in da back ground

Not all hero’s wear capes

Wrapped around my neck, a rope


Wait. I thought this was :"I had a burnout at work" Whuuuuut?

P Mo

0:04 wait, how did deadpool sneak in the photo?