CIAMBELLA AL CACAO CON CREMA AL LATTE - cocoa bundt with milk cream

Una ciambella al cacao ripiena di crema al latte, un dolce semplice per colazione, merenda o fine pasto. * vai alla ricetta sul Blog ▶︎ vedi anche CIAMBELLA MIMOSA ▶︎ INGREDIENTIPer la ciambella * stampo da 24 cm* 3 uova * 180 gr di zucchero* 130 ml di olio* 130 ml di acqua* 15 ml di rum o 1 cucchiaino di essenza di vaniglia* 30 gr di cacao amaro* 270 gr di farina 00* 1 bustina (16 gr ) di lievito per dolciPer la crema al latte* 400 ml di latte* 1 cucchiaino di essenza di vaniglia* 1 cucchiaio di miele (facoltativo)* 40 gr di amido di mais* 80 gr di zuccheroPer decorare* zucchero a velo* topping al cioccolato🇬🇧 INGREDIENTSFor the bundt* 24 cm bundt mold* 3 eggs* 180 gr of sugar* 130 ml of oil* 130 ml of water* 15 ml of rum or vanilla essence* 30 gr of bitter cocoa powder* 270 gr of superfine flour* 16 gr of baking powderFor the milk cream* 400 ml of milk* 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence* 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)* 40 gr of maize starch* 80 gr of sugarTo decorate* powdered sugar* chocolate topping★ Potete seguire Prima Del Caffè Soddisfazioni in cucina anche su ★____________________________________________________________________*BLOG facebook PLAYLIST ★_______________BISCOTTI, CUPCAKE, DOLCETTI..CON POCHI INGREDIENTI RECIPES DELLA TRADIZIONE ITALIANA PER CHI HA INTOLLERANZE PER HALLOWEEN PER DECORARE DOLCI VEGAN PER CARNEVALE I VIDEO Clover 3

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I hope you wernt actually mad at that old guy with a red hat😠👴👺👈hat


I'm comparing my art style with urs😂


Haha great video Guru! But wtf was that after outro scene? 😂


hey DP can you guys do a video on obstacle course battle


This is almost exactly like Mario Kart.

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before i even watch this i still refuse to text somebody with green bubbles

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Good dog.

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When she first said "I peed on my wallet" I did a double take like...

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We complain about school and homework but really we are blessed. Other people don’t have the chance to pursue a good education or job. So please be thankful and work as hard as you can.

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DP HQ is my fav


What? Are these the teachers we send our kids?

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1:23 promise OK


wow that was brave and quick thinking- i could never imagine me kissing someone

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So...where's the dad

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Why would Alice think you want her man when you got your own?

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In the video were you guys were playing crank it like a chainsaw

The kids from poor families dont even have the starting point you are talking about. (for example, universities, education and proper self and heath care)

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good shot Coby

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The hot pocket smoothie was pretty gross, a little haze-y, and I usually love you guys' positivity. What about more elaborate rewards instead of the trophies (which I also love)??

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Make a part two

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I can't see shit

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Your chiting you guys doing agian and agian over again

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I wanna see your face. Show me your face pwease. You should start doing some kind of blog. JUST A SUGGESTION. Not an obligation, you do what you like, no matter what others tell you. BUT, in MY opinion as a sub, I'd say it would be pretty cool if I could see you doing some kind of blog or something.

M: Hi They were taken out by C-section at 8 months- and here I am (and my twin sister)



Where's your top 10?

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I am sorry Russell Wilson vote Russell Wilson for MVP

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Please don't say that, I have really bad anxiety and it scares me when I hear people saying that. I know you are just joking but I don't get a lot of sleep when I hear stuff like this.


I saw the new Unfortunate Events show in your name at the end. I love you. I watched the whole thing the first day it came out. You a fan?

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How could almost 2k ppl dislike this


We want editer edition 2

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In some of the large boxes, i found J+B painted with a heart around it. I was playing ”The Runner” campaign, in the part where you sneak inside the fortress. I broke a box and crawled into it. See if you can find it Guru!

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Did you guys find the npc easter egg? Yeah, me neither