Ciambella carote e yogurt

#ciambella#carote#yogurt#INGREDIENTI-4 uova-180 g di farina 00-100 g di frumina-190 g di zucchero-90 ml di olio di semi-1 vasetto di yogurt bianco-240 g di carote tritate-1 bustina di vanillina-1 bustina di lievito vanigliato-1 stampo da ciambellazucchero a velo per decorare


So good everyone wants a second one

Aidan Moskaluk

Football and helicopters a day well spent

Lillian Equestrian

Ty looks older here than now....Only one explanation....TIME TRAVEL

Jade Nord

I saved my gay friend with a kiss..


I wanna work at dp!<33

bring back wherearetheavocados Jacildo

O my Ty! That stache!!


bla bla

Я один из Русских кто их смотрит????????????????????

Jeanicia Sparkles

Wow I didn’t think that would work....and it did 😮

Morrigan Marie

I'm not successful

Filippo Bacci


Jackson Deriso

“I was born when my mother was only 17 who was only seventeen”

Anna Maria Nemes


I love you jungkook 😍

Missy Squirrel

This story hit home, I can't stop crying

Ashlee Carlgren

They should of done golf the 8 ball in then the ping pong will go in the pocket

Ricardo Alberto

Like every week, good videos ;) keep doing it

That random person

Hot dona.

Arnetta Mckenna

The ladder bent


whoa looks so fucking smooth.... mmmmmhmhhhhhhhhadsfgdrgadqgadrfg


if you don’t go to school you wouldn’t know what you are doing.

TH3_ B3AST_510

there is another dead souls easter egg on overwatch on the map eichenwald

Guy: im adopted 8374729 Pingpong trick shots 89273917382738263836384720293872830203829302028371947492


5:37 I thought he hit the turtle

Space Monkey

Man she hit the looks wall hard. i knew it would not last forever.

Max The Emo Emu

“Mom I’m sorry” 😂

GodlyGamer _

#2018 Sqad

Xavier Hrasna

at 3:08 the lettering got out of controll

Momo The YT Hero


Valeria Rosales

Didn’t like your doctor 👨‍⚕️ he was kind of sckechy

2. It is misleading to describe the Inuit as healthy. They suffer (at even greater rates) from the diseases linked to meat consumption.


8:31 that phone is huge. where did she get that?


'New Zelda trailer is out!'

Anthony Merc

I was at the Stars game when Tyler Seguin died

Levi lmao

you know what.. good for her, sis was getting that coin

Jeremiah Schmidt

Juliane Koepcke must be happy. (THAT WAS THE SURVIVOR)

She was so mean by doing this: She wsang I WISH THAT I COULD BE LIKE THE COOL KIDS . Even my friends were singing it.

Reetu Jain

Make more videos

3) Water Skipper Me....Nope

Blake Dunston

It's like that diary of a wimpy kid scenario where gregs swimwear falls out and...


I hope you guys enjoy this one. I'm surprised at the amount of Easter Eggs in this, Infinity Ward aren't known for including a lot or even any good ones so this is a treat. Thanks for Watching!

The power Of elements

I am holding back tears 😭

Richard Mann

Cobys nick name should be cobadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tobias Bulford

for wheel unfortunate they should have ask someone out who you have never seen before

Queen of Huskys

that so cute and a happy story i love dogs