Ciambella veloce alla yogurt bimby con stampo silicone spirale lidl

Ricetta della ciambella allo yogurtIngredienti:200 g farina 0080 g di olio di semi1 scorza di limone150 g di zucchero3 uova120 g di yogurt1 pizzico di sale1 bustina di lievitozucchero a velo q.b.Ho utilizzato lo stampo in silicone che trovate qui:

Fair Phil

That’s Toronto fans for ya. No class. Complete scumbags.


airsoft but i don't have bullet hahah

Aggelos Kollios

I think garret is look like his dad most of all

Britt Szostak

Wow first time watching this and it's 2018

pati oblong



Black Ops 1 has a same map that another call of duty has

Gloomy B

Instant uncharted vibes! Gonna be sweet!

P.s:kill er if u can/call the police


Tyler looks like his dad

beautiful cloudy

totally forgets about his child

TagMyBat 76

3:35 false the devs had to tell people about that easter egg

Sophiya Thapa

Me and my boyfriend we both are avoidant and I hate how this is not working out ... I also love him but don't trust him at the same time and he feels the same ..if one of us is angry the other gets angry too 🙄 our friends suggested breakup ! We also got separated for like 6 months then got back together again ...NO wonder why we both are super addicted to our toxic relationship that spoils our mood every single day!



El Poya

Gay ben



Nancy Alcantar

Az cardinals

Girl, I'm so high right now

RiShAb ReDdY

Try to do some Liv vedio