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CM KCR Bodyguards Always Wear Black Goggles and Carry Briefcase Why ?The security of VVIP personals is a headache for security agencies due to increasing global, just likeare developing new techniques toany person our security agencies are also evolving techniques and types of equipment to protect them, security agencies around the globe use many things for creating a security bubble including Guns, jammers and armoured vehicles. Special Protection Group or SPG is the premier organisation for providing security for the Prime Minister. They are also responsible for security of former prime ministers and their family, but the family or the former prime minister can decline SPG protection. Recently, during republic day parade Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused to sit in his car and head towards the spectators to greet them, SPG seemed very cautious and we could see their ears straight and eyes focused but other than P90’s, two SPG operatives carry a weird suitcase.So what actually this suitcase is? Is it a button which should be compulsorily within few feet from the prime minister but it looks so thin for it, it is actually a portable fold outshield which offers impressive NIJ level 3protection. Whenever security forces smell any threat or any type of suspicious activity, they just have to flick the folded shield downwards to deploy it quickly to secure the prime minister.Download YOYOTV App NowAndroid: 24/7 News Videos, Breaking News updates, special political analysis, current issues, celebrity latest updates, movie reviews and exclusive Interviews anytime anywhere.Follow Us on: Facebook: Website: Us


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