College Life In Amity University

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Galen Hutcherson

You should get an army of roombas to clean

scope retard

U got struck by lighting and be came the flash

Mary Dragonee

6:42 look at that athleticism, what is this a nike ad?


Now place giant teddy bear in the Rock-it-Launcher... :)

死 AmyReeper 死

Hey you reading this. You don’t have OCD if your clean. Ok?

Noah Schneider

Check out our shots please!

Jared Morrow


Clayton Halberstadt

ware is garit

Hitokiri Battousai

Just when I thought it was safe now after all this time..

Elizabeth Cai


DinoGamer James

Like if they should do a third one

Lauren Hernandez


Purple hosser lol

Hellcastic Sarcasticanic

OMG!!!!! 😍😍😍😍you ppl are making so interesting videos!!!! Plz don't... I have my exams from tomorrow and I can't control watching it 😂😵. Maybe it's due to mist😏

Its me

Hey i love all your videos and Your game


Taylor Silva

suckers i know who it is

Mike Nike

If it makes you feel better I've seen all of your videos and I can't think of any you should/need to do.

Pro gun 1234567890 Pro

I!OVE u vids

Braydsbb H

God whispered in my ear tell me kill every verse


I have a yellowfait convertible

Mackenzie Mink

Dogs are the best boyfriend


A teacher found out I was sucidal and I told my mom I thought I was depressed, she said I was self diagnosed myself and I should stop. It doesn't stop NEVER

Jack Finn

2:04 if my friend was in the hospital even for just an IV I’d stop everything to make sure he was ok, not keep doing what I was doing. I never got why this didn’t happen in this particular video

The mom: Im CallInG THe PoLicE

Joseph Thomas

I can't stop watching this trailer, its just so amazing.

Clashers gang i.o

The rage monster

Shivam Verman

Iam footbaal play in 5 time top corner no miss. And football shoot on a big ring passes through the a ring

The Random Fellers

Who's watching in 2016

Kara Stub

She got powers from her aunttttt

TheNinja Scout

At the start:"Hello big gay"?!?!??!!?!?!?

Balu Dome