College of dairy science and food technology raipur annual function 2018

Lazyiest and funny dance by cps

Mason Carkner

panda panda all the way

João Correia

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

Ice Tea

1.44 found that one out myself :3

Mayer June

Please check out my Scary Doll Animation! It would mean so much to me guys. THANK YOUUU

Sexy Slut

Could someone please give me the link to the previous eposodes of this series? I'm so confused, its almost impossible to find bc ther titles are different, and the owner never adds the links in the description either. This sucks... I mean don't get me wrong i love the channel so much, but i really wish they had a better system on their series cause im confused....

and im fat

Diego Dominguez


Brianna Marie Muller

I am literally crying

Talon Haley

It looks like when he is doing around the world for the bottle the card is a credit card

Cora Dotson

It honestly sounds like ur the jerk

kronikal TV

last one made me laugh so hard good job man


This is sad because I have cried this much about losing my phone

Ashton Hawkins

You MST do more of these


watching this in 2016 is wierd because their commentary is really bad back then to now

Amethyst Plays

Am I seeing pinki pie

Sairam LP

6:13 yes an assholes from my 1st job few from 2nd almost all from 3rd few from 4th all from 5th 1 from sixth bloody mosquito wipro sucks 1 n 6 7 was the boss all of them were 8th all degree college kids handfull of tution kids all new colony kids worst part is they all escaped i could have easily punished them every dog has his day when mine will.come ill kill them and most important in road in local train bus :-@


My fav is the one where a bottle on the basket ball

Good Going Enterprises

So good!!!

Aira Tena-Hutchinson

Dude perfect vs ninja turtles or teen titans

Hannah Caylie

Anyone else here from 2019

Cure Umi

Bf: send me sum nudes


1:30, should've kept trying for the headshot take

sleepy a

I relate to this Paul on a spiritual level, that, that right there is me in my relationship.

Emkata BG

Because you were probably being fat? What do you want him to call you fit?