Colorful Chilaka Full Song || Express Raja Songs || Sharwanand, Surabhi, Merlapaka Gandhi

Listen & Enjoy : Colorful Chilaka Full Song from Express Raja Movie, Starring Sharvanand,Surabhi. Music composed by Praveen Lakkaraju, Directed by Merlapaka Gandhi & Produced by Vamsi and Pramod under the Banner of UV Creations.. Click here to Share on Facebook- here for Caller Tune Codes- Now on iTunes- Available on:Saavn- Name : Colorful ChilakaMovie : Express RajaCast : Sharwanand & SurabhiDirector : Merlapaka GandhiProducer :Vamsi & PramodBanner : UV CreationsLyrics : Bhaskara BhatlaSinger : NarendraMusic Director : Praveen Lakkaraju-------------------------------------------------------------Enjoy and stay connected with us!!►Subscribe us on Youtube :us: us : us : Aditya Music Channels for unlimited entertainment :►For New Movies in HD : Songs with Lyrics: Devotional Songs: Kids Educational : పాట మీ నోట" Telugu Lyrical Songs - Tollywood Lyric Video Songs - Green Classics - Jukeboxes - Songs with Lyrics - 2015 Aditya Music India Pvt. Ltd.



oh man, very well done. i could see the efforts put into this. PURE QUALITY WORK. Thanks for doin it!!

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I relate to Paul (the anxious type). My father is always mad and stressed, my mother is happy and loving. Sure, both can be stressed, mad, happy etc. But it has still effected me. I used to have a relationship with someone who would go from loving to hating in 5 minutes! It really stressed me out and led me to being really self conscious and shy (not at a level of anxiety). I wish I could be more of the secure type since it would probably mean be being more comfortable and the other in my relationship.

SCP - 173 Peanut

Punishment Idea: Cory has to do your punishment


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Carlos Silva

What's the intro music ?

Petros Kyragiannis



you must be new to Easter eggs

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if you make another list of anime easter eggs, here's one i found while watching Diamond and Pearl:

Leo Roads

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One of the dudes look like Harry Potter

Amel Omic

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I am speechless i love the song it fits and how did you guys make yourselves glow int he dark?


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when Snape came, i thought, why no one ever did a whole video of Snape Talking? i found his voice beautiful...

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Ahh.....the good old world at war Easter eggs


Developers sometimes leak out information about their Easter Eggs and people sometimes find it that way