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Confidence Boost Yoga! Add mindfulness and consciousness to your life with this Yoga With Adriene practice. Perfect to try before an interview or an event. Or,an ideal opportunity to ground and experience your full potential energy. You are amazing. It's time to rock. Let me know how it goes down below!Join the community:Instagram: @adrienelouiseFacebook: yogawithadrienePinterest: more Yoga With Adriene visit www.yogawithadriene.comFor programs and merch visit www.fwfg.comCheck out our new membership site at: music by Shakey Graves, House Of Winston:

Steven Hir

I dont feel sorry for Durant, but their trainer is a moron thinking he was fine to play in the finals.

Timo Hacker

Where is garreth


do a cod bo 2 easter egg video or a halo 4 one.if you can.

Power 982Gaming

awesome blitzball videos

Xander Hyslop

3:40 or 3:41 lol

luuk ruitenberg

I thought there was a big easter egg in watch dogs

Shadow_Xx 12

1:00 am in the nightMe: has a coldYet here I am, watching dude perfect

Ariana Grande


Lost Star

finally! they used their real voice😍

Kitty For life

I guess bullied is a bad word

Step 1: Release the moose.

Darrell Wilson

I'd love to meet them

xNi Nj Ax Sx

Junge diese Werbung immer meine fresse

raymond solorio

Your best at trick shots

Haniff Hussin

1:22 Drake meme there.

Æ TeaM

2019 anyone?

(Gone Wrong)

Marisa Traglia-Mecchi

cod ghost legend of zelda

Dana M. Bringas

The layered whispering in The Witch clip is EVERYTHING! I hardly ever get tingles with ASMR but that clip was amazing.

Genesis Brown

I literally wanna be Kylie’s best friend, not because of the money but my baby is cool asf like wtfff (and because she’ll get me tf together have me looking bomb asf #LeoGang




Save your fellow man, post this everywhere.  

napoleon Simpson

I got punched from behind in the head I went to the princepal they did shit all so me and my mum went to the police they told us they couldn't do anything to the boy even if he pushed me over and I cracked my head open and died like what the fuck so no fuck the princepal fuck the police best way to deal with that shit is to give the bully a beating

Memeslist :D

For me going to a school where you can live there is my dream.

Jacob Pratt

I vote we leave the ideas to the Dutch.

Carder Rat

what r hormone pills supposed to do

Stæń Łöøńā

I’m am praying to master chief that this game isn’t a fuckover.


thaNKS maybe I'll neED IT

Da _FoxHybridz

He's pretty rude


HI I was wondering if you guys would want to come to Jackson Hole Wyoming and it is really cool we get a lot of snow and my name is jordan tattersall we hope you come


That's why I always fall asleep while watching movies!

Humphrey del Rio

Nov 2018


Oh I know that raiden its just that the one in the video dosn't look like him

Me:*slams head on table*

Anirudh Kaushik

Jack frost better stay out of this

I wishhhh

Petrus Suomalainen

4:46 that jump tho


where was chanel

Kunal Gautam

Awesome video

Luke DaBoss

This is the same camp I went to this summer!

Jono Low

What happens if you smash all the Mr Everywhere statues?


I love you Guru! Merry Christmas and have a happy new year! Can't wait to see what's in store for all of us in 2017! 👌

We need to keep our hands to our selves!


Wow Powerade great sponsoring job.........


how do you finds all the easter eggs?


Omg i‘m 100% the anxious type

Soccerstar Branim


1% of the comments: this one

BoKeek Girls

They were about to spin the wheel but of course the amazing adds don’t want me to freakin see it!!