Congress rebel leader Bikshapathi Yadav withdraws nomination - TV1

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Oskari Kero


Juan Orellana Vallejo


Slime Ender17

Is super Cool i am happy this guys made this for a kid like him


Magnesium + metal Sodium = ?

Dakota Booth

Omg... 1:31 you can see a trophy saying "world not ending". anyone remember that? XD

Nuka Cola is life

Nathan Solis

i feel bad

Braeden Livingston

I love this video

Aime Cabrera

Marbles said : 😋

Thugger 96

Back when they had to use public gyms

Junpei Draws / Gacha

Title: I hated my adopted family but wanted to make them proud

Father Osiris

5:40 I also hate having a lot of people around me, it just makes me feel uneasy

Angela Evoe

why won't funwithguru do a face reveal

Alex and Alayna

You guys need a ball pit and a pool in your office

Ara Chan

I hope you’re both doing well.

The legendary Comment

you are the best


Max on crack. “Kawhi the best player in the world?!” Someone come get this dude

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The editing in this video is phenomenal, keep it up man 🙌💓


6:39 im laughing my ass off

Ian Frank

I thought you would sound younger


make Top 10 Payday 1 or 2 easter eggs video. :)

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]

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Wait, Xbox controllers are waterproof?!?!?!?!?!

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Some people say this game is pretty trash, is that true?