COOKIES AU CACAO || Recette biscuit facile et rapide

❤️ABONNEZ-VOUS À MA CHAÎNE ❤️ Salut à tous! Aujourd'hui je vous propose de biscuits au cacao très facile à réaliser avec l'utilisation de seulement 5 ingredients. LES INGREDIENTS (35-40 COOKIES): - 300 g de Farine- 125 g de Beurre froid- 120 g de Sucre de canne-30 g de cacao amer en poudre-2 oeufsSi vous préférez donner un savour plus doux, utilisez 100 g de sucre blanc à la place de celui de canne. En four préchauffé à 180°C pendant 10 minutes. AUTRES RECETTES BISCUITS SABLÉS À LA CONFITURE : DE CHOCOLAT ET COCO: : #cacao #biscuitdenoël

Justakids 2

The walking dead

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Matt Shearn

the shot is easier because he has the advantage of being higher than the hoop

Gabe Maurer

When the rabil was a good head and Paul didn’t use warps lol

Zalgo the Demon

The thumbnail looked like god but he’s deranged and holding a switchblade

Aniket Rajput

It is awesome

Adam Bien

I dunno I think it's from minecraft but we'll never know.

Hugo Barahona

"when you enter the toy store with Sam & David" xD


The girl that open the barrier when the bad guy miss his card in uss calister, uses the application which is the one in hang the dj ;)

Arnab Roy

I'll probably contact Bill about this. He can investigate this and confirm whether it is Real or Fake.

MouseLetsPla Y

Wait did she die ?

greemreper0409 RBLX


Larky Nay

in 9 easter egg , shoot the skull (or take), on the upper shelf.

Haleemah Khan

Matt yo dumb XD cuz you said “your dads are idiots don’t trust them” and your a dad 😂

This Story is Absolutely Beautif




I'm tired of feeling this way every single day panic attack are worst


Sad Boi

Ubisoft you have definitely disappointed me, I trusted you using the name of Tom Clancy’s and making it something different on there own with tactical gameplay and strategy but now you made it look goofy and stupid esports.

Anxietic T-T


Sandra Crosbie



xd ThatOneCatLady

Never knew how much pain the panda goes through

Fancy Nancy

Ariana Grande


Bro Thats a sad ending

Talia Goodwin

I had this disease but I never knew it can be that bad 😢

zeus AB

I get bullied by this mean girl at school called susan she always get me to be her friend when ever she wants she one of those bullys that try to say it in a 1% less meaner way to look like shes good she always brags and buys thing just to look good and lies i dont hurt myself but I cry alot and her friend coco always gets forced away from me and she doesnt help me and even ignores me a bit without noticing it and i know coco that good friend but i cant get susan away she always is a hipocrit and makes up things my teacher is a boy and im shy to tell teqchers and it makes it worse anyone got advice plz help me if you can

coolio noobio

her: goes through hell

maonna bassiere

Ou sont mes ARMY FRANÇAIS !!!😍😍☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️