Crostata di fragole e yogurt (Spadellandia)

La Crostata di fragole e yogurt è un dolce fresco e allegro (ma come si fa a resistere?) leggero e soprattutto super-goloso! Suvvia. All'opera!!!Ecco il link alla ricetta integrale, che potrai leggere e stampare: gli ingredienti la cosa più pratica è fare una istantanea della clip finale del video, che riporta in una unica schermata tutti gli ingredienti. Altrimenti li puoi copiare qui:INGREDIENTI● PER L'IMPASTO150 g di Farina O75 g di Zucchero semolato70 g di Burro2 Tuorli1 Limone bio1 pizzico di Sale● PER LA FARCIA400 g di Fragole bio200 g di Yogurt intero200 g di Mascarpone60 g di Zucchero a velo30 g di Zucchero di canna1/2 Limone bio● PER LA GELATINA40 g di Zucchero semolato1 foglio di Gelatina1/2 Limone bio--○--○--○--○--○--○--○--○--○--○--○--○--SPADELLANDIA● Sito: Iscrizione RicettaMail: Calcola-calorie: Youtube iscrizione canale: Facebook: Google+: Pinterest: Instagram: VIDEORICETTE PUBBLICATE🎂 Torta di ricotta e cioccolato: Rotolo di cioccolato con mousse di mascarpone: Crostata di Yogurt e fragole: Bombolotti alla crema: Torta al limone e limoncello farcita alla crema: Salame al cioccolato fondente senza uova: Plumcake glassato al limone: Torta amaretti e arancia:

I didn’t I have no bully (;-;)

The Toast Crew

3:29 there's a rule broken in hunting...even if a gun is not loaded...never have it at the direction of anyone

its okay kurt


Bill Nye

This is sooo fake, just pay attention to the dates and his age and it makes no sense


Omg me and kermit have birthday on the same day ❤️

randy roti

How long did it take you to get that drop and shoot down??


Hey dude perfect I subscribe you

No family = loneliness

Brandon Beers

i hate to be that annoying kid who asks people to watch his videos, but please watch my trick shots. not as good as dp, but want to be someday

Retail Rebellion

Who also wants more creative ammo


Fran Shultis

i think the fudge was the most fun cause you can snack down on all of it for fwee

Joshua CARNS


Muzzammil Ayoub

The pool ome

Bethany Moles

I have it it's the person in the picture it's a fan my name is cole


i love you because you are loyal you grateful i appreciate that another we the best music


That was a lot of hard cuts for my brain to handle lol


The one in the stairwell in Dear Esther, something similar was caught by Ghost Hunters i believe.

hands down one of the best quality creators on YouTube

Miletem Fortuna

Babish should open a restaurant chain specializing in the best of the best tv and movie meals he has perfected!

Jacob Sev

this just seems like a battlefront dlc. I feel you missed the mark casting the kid from shameless instead of making it an rpg or vr friendly and let us customize our look. Or why not reach for the stars with a revolutionary idea. like having something download our likeness into the game. sims could do a primitive version of that back in like 2003. No excuse


We all have a talent we have to identify and we will be so good The world never seen before

Ly Hengpor


JUB Gaming

Your mom is a psychopath


I approve.

Stephen Hill


Pedro Henrique

47 flying with an umbrella is one the most hilarious thing I have ever seen

Like if you always cry from these

pikachuisop123 Beee

guru I'm getting it soon why

Me: Yeets fridge through the window

Jairo Machorro

Who is panda

Sebastian Holguin

I bet I won't get a reply from FunWithGuru

Emily Gibson

I don't get it did her dad kill her stepmom as well as himself

will harding

killer shot man!! and amazing sweatshirt duckblind and camo the perfect combo for the perfect team!! @Dude Perfect 

Ryan Ridgway

Hes the greatist football and basketball player ever

Dino's Music

Do Airsoft trickshots

Eisela Tovar


MeridianDuck 919

0:26 I’m depressed

Riddhi Kushwaha

You should have a aeroplane race

Rafael Barbosa Gonçalves




so hang on they could get ironside back for a cameo but they don't want him doing anymore actual games? like wtf that is a slap in the face us having to be forced to accept that other douche from me that is the saddest part about this cameo is that just for a breif moment we get to here og sam again but never again after this.


Whoa, 115 degrees!

We'll soon in League of Legends in trees  the Slender Man soon or  something from other Videogames or Movies !!

carrington meyers

Not fair at all

Kim Jong Un

I know Kim Jong Un’s bday so I knew from the start

Fe Sant

I bet they regret making this video


all i can say is...WTF?

Dylan Galleron

is it the first time Guru talk??...for me it's a news

Budi Parwadi

anwar just get upgrade 🤣

Lil star ._.

THEY WANT TO BE WED!?!?!? 1:12


Jesse Pinkman

I had a smilar situation, my older friend touched me, you know in a bad way and I self harmed


You're so epic. Never change. Stay classy, Guru