CS 11B: G Yoganand

Inclusive & Humane CitiesInclusive & Smart Cities: Affordable Housing - Middle Income & Luxury Housing




Veronica Dillon

I'm still Texas Roadhouse all the way.

XPLR 695

Congrats on one mil subs!!!💞


or you could just throw it in the front door.

Levi Ackerman

Me :c 1:33

Liu Kang

Oh god , u out tchê San Junipero ar the end, love this episode

DjWolf 123

My favorite was 18 backflips it was lol

I smelt it

Ava's World

Ty where you a lumberjake once?


6 and 9 best parts made my day

Mike Burton

But yall losing because the whole team isn't playing Defense, Kawhi is chillin.

Odd Boi

Guilt trips us in the first 15 seconds. CHOOSE THE STRAWS!!!

and im trying to stop

Llamacorn Yee

👌 im glad he understood what was happening!!☺️


the purple horser

Edited to add: yes motherfuckers, I know he’s part owner of the Warriors and he’s rich, probably richer than the player he pushed.

Maxwell Caputo

Panda= Sean

Me: nom nom nom!

Porké Chop

This is cool but will it beat a PC? (In 2021-2023) Also if i would of met you in real life i would say your so beautiful and dont say your ugly.


dude turn around i saw a panda lets catch it!!!

Gabriel Paras

Then mute him

Immyprincess 07

You beautiful no matter what!!

Taher Sheikh

Anwar your acting level are too good bro.

Paco Perez5584

0:49 is that real

Stephanie Brown

5:54 who else saw Cory start to leave his bag for a third time

Æsch Carter

This reminds me of a song called "Anxiety"


Woo 7th comment!

mypumpdid1000 0

Idc what anybody says dis 98 grown man need to kill his self bye. I siad that cuase ist fun hahaha😎

Corny Boy

Meow meow meooow meow