Dark Side of Savitri Unveiled : Actor Rajesh Emotional Interview | Nadigaiyar Thilagam

Actor Rajesh shared us the dim view about Actress Savitri in the interview. Rajesh is an Indian actor who has performed in Tamil and Malayalam films. He has completed more than 35 years in films and appeared in over 150 films. For all the latest updates on Kollywood movies, celebrities & events hit SUBSCRIBE at More, visit ►►


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Mitcham Drive

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David Bonte


Vortex Kloe

3:21 Lol why the long neck? You like some weird Pinocchio and when you get sad your neck grows? (No hate please don't be mad at me, it's a joke.)

Then after that my mom tells me I was being rude for not talking 😑

Demanding behavior isn't that puberty ?

its muna

i screamed so msny times while watching this

Mj Strydom

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I feel so sorry for her but that's how life is for some people. Will watching. This I stared cry so hard

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i dont like how you move your camera so slow



Edit: btw im a boy and i rly hate it when someone says your a boy you should... or only girls.... i find it so annoying but i dont know what to do, any ideas?

Robert Donato


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Love how much effort you put in a video


1:47 that sound it's funny

Freya Ayerf

‘Hoping death or rescue would come sooner’ =determination

Mia Greer

I am so sorry about your husband.

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