De auto van GIEL DE WINTER (STUKTV) #1 // DAY1

Daar is ie dan eindelijk, de auto van Giel de Winter. Nu hoor ik je denken: ''Hé maar wacht, had Giel niet een Audi?''. Dat klopt! Zodra deze video 20.000 likes heeft, gooien we de tweede auto ook online. Blauwe duimpjes omhoog dus!Camera & edit: @thijsahsmannAnimatie & design: @studio.stiltMuziek: Epidemic Sound🔷CHECK DE WEBSITE EN WEBSHOP:- DE DAY1 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST:DAGELIJKS VOLGEN?! :- DAGELIJKS VOLGEN?: - DAT JE HIER ROND KOMT KIJKEN! ENJOY, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!Kijk elke week op zaterdag om 11:00 een nieuwe DAY1 aflevering!----------------------------------------­----------------------Elke dag is een nieuwe kans om beter te worden dan dat je gister was, om meer uit het leven te halen en de mensen om je heen te inspireren.DAY1 staat voor de kans die zich vandaag voordoet om alles uit deze dag te halen.Hard werken, nooit opgeven en genieten van je succes.Vandaag is de dag om te laten zien dat niets onmogelijk is! #DAY1 #TODAYISYOURDAY1


Yay!! Theodore was born on my birthday!!!

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Tammy Crabtree


Tramp Perfect

Tiyler said f

Crabby Crab

When you basically hated the first one but want to see the second one


3:04 round earth confirmed??


And as I started singing the Lil Jon Mashup, so did the video, thank you good sir.

Ciara Mendez

Cheating is wrong bro

Cerys Mae

This made me cry 😢

Julia Delgado

How are you guys

But It’s played On A Ruler

Hahahaha this joke is funny.

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new fan here sis


One of best friend was born 4 months early too... But thankfully she ok and has nothing wrong with her (maybe a bit of a wild streak)


“Ask Patti LuPone” LOL...awesome reference!


Rachel is so cutee😍🥰

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Just a question can I have that signature ball please if u still have it

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you should call one cool shot called the VIP Hot Spot




Extremely well edited! It's very sad that there aren't more YouTubers that make videos with such attention to detail and a calm and perfect editing style as you.

LlamaCat 25

WHY CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY :(

The Neumann

u should make a ripstick video

Geoffery PM

Till 0:50 i was the type of friend jhon was to my female friend...


You all are not humans

markjim guinto

in ur 25m. subs u should do a face reaveal of that pandaLike 👍🏻👍🏻 If u agree :)

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My favourite housework was the puck in Canada

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Gulag for this due

pennywise vs bozo the clown


These are actually pretty good! I haven't seen any of these besides the splatoon one and the ghost recon one, and even then I've never heard of that interview.

nigar Rozy

I love this story!

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its a boy !!!


Like if Team Edge should play sharks and mentos