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Dydy In Game


Vishnu Varadhan

Frozen won the best animated feature in 2013. Frozen 2 is guaranteed to win in 2019.

Tyler Rogan

The clickbaity title made me think it was gonna be a “I kissed him and now he’s straight”. I’m SO glad it wasn’t like that. Absolutely wholesome story. Love both of them. <3

Shyanne Skalski

tyler is in the backround at 3:13

Kermit the frog

Wow. Now I have a Ann too.

Jessica and Brian Hearn

eye on it

Its_ christina

This video made me cry sooo much 😭

Grayson Johnson

I think TYLER !

Veyron Seow

i was busy cheating on a floating car shooting on some boats on the sea

Umbrella Academy

Should have found were that miststress lives and fought her

Zero Twoゼロツー

Guys what if elsa become lesbian and fall in love with other princess she found by the sea a really pretty princess OOOOOOOOFFFF THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!

poppy sundquist

It's illegal to drop out of school in NK

Chuste Martiny

facing da feet? fuck Wendy's, Ronald MC Donald won big time with this one

Logan Franklin


AshtonKing Gaming

Oh look someone with BPD like me yay

jerrey guterrez

Best song ever

The leaks.....


If he is. He's a T-shirt.

GalaxyJay 109

Go subscribe to my channel it's JP MineCraft Gamer JPKid


The immigrants in my school make fun of the others lol

Fernando Mejia

how many years do you have Coby😌


Tim are you from sweden you sayJaaaaaaaaaa!

milk monster

did anyone else notice kojimas face when it zoomed in on her butt lol that was funny

Aditya Gupta


KaidenPlayz Games

Guy breaks in As rare and cool as a Griffa token,


Then crawl somewhere to die. No one gives a shit anyway

Transcedental Dannyk

This seems very fake


i hope you feel better.

Matthew Pino

don't read this because it actually works. Now don't stop reading cause it's to late. If you don't post this on another vid you will die in 143 minutes. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. When you press f6 on your screen you will see the love of you life's name.

Tatwam Saraf

Why they wasted soo many egs

Friends Friends


Next time, please bowling with the members.

It's lego Time

Love the over time song

Amy 101

Why do I have to be anxious

Mpmpz 14

But there is EVIL WITHING, TOO

Bella R


Jonathan OwO


Kenzi Alassad



Im need player who can play with me and tradE!

Vistalite Taupo

Have you been practicing tell me please

Quem puder dá um confere aí ..

irmãos br

Fake very fake

Finn Mitchell

I shat myself-in bed