DIY Eliquid “Soft Baked Cookies” 70/30 Original Recipe [Full Flavor Cookie DIY ejuice]

Subscribe, new recipes every 3 days! Here: Eliquid Database: “Soft Baked Cookies”–Full Flavor 70vg/30pgwith3mg Nicotine1.Golden butter (cap)1%2.Sweet cream (cap) 2% 3.Sugar cookie (cap) 3%4.Vanilla Custard v1 or v2 (cap) 2% 5.Graham cracker (cap)3% 6.Smooth (TFA) 1% Pg 18% Vg 64% Nicotine 50mg6% “Soft Baked Cookies”[DoubleShot] 70vg/30pgwith3mg Nicotine1.Golden butter (cap)1%2.Sweet cream (cap) 2% 3.Sugar cookie (cap) 5%4.Vanilla custard v1 or v2 (cap) 3% 5.Graham cracker (cap)3% 6.Smooth (TFA) 1% Pg 15% Vg 64% Nicotine 50mg6% Alernative Flavors & Notes. 1.Any other butter flavor will do like the butter from Loran.2.You can use Cream(FLV) or Fresh Cream(FA) or Vienna Cream or. Bavarian Cream or Malted Milk.3.Cookie (FA) or Cookie from (FLV) or Cookie Dough from (FLV)4. Any sweet Vanilla Custard nothing with lemon though. Vanilla Custard FW or FA or Vanilla Bean Gelato(TFA).5. Any other Graham cracker or pie crust you have should be similar.6. Or any other smooth or triacetin.Newest Video Here: our Channel Page here: out our Most Popular Upload: A nice Coconut Recipe:Enhancers Triacetin:& VG Vaping Substitutes: Eliquid Recipe “Soft Baked Cookies” 70/30 Original Recipe [Full Flavor Cookie DIY ejuice]

Hercules vs Goliath vs Samson vs Andre the Giant

Sam Richards

This was the first ever dude perfect video I ever watched

Light kenny

The best game show ever

Jacob Gimnich

bring back panda

Ashlyn D S

Okay I cried I have to say your is worse than mine

Liam O'grady

I purposely avoided God of War Easter Egg videos (like gameranx's) because I was waiting for yours! Love you guru!

Pleb Obliterator

i don’t wanna be mean to these make-wish-kids but like how come they get to meet literally anyone they want. i’ve seen this kid in like 10 videos.

Tyler Pope



Piyush Pawar



Bravo! Standing ovation. Well deserved.

William Billiamson

Half-Life 3 VERY confirmed.

Haydn Jones


Rodrigo Araya

like si viste el video

MEME Overdose

One inch punch??? (The Thunderfist)?

Ultra Shade ツ



Radiohead <3

Claudia D

its cold a go prow


when you run over a zombie with a car it sometimes says '' you got red on you '' its a refrerence to Shaun of the dead

Metaliczny Ork



❤RIP we will always remember you.❤

Mr. DeTrumpet

Bet you won’t sing that song in tune during a live performance

Vivek Agrawal

You should film with Dwayne Johnson or a cricketer

Samuel Winik

For one of your videos do the floss


Chuis sur anna a des pouvoirs

Boi Random

No it's a furry run!

james schanstra

you guys are the best


why was it reuploaded


Who s the panda??


Please do videos on weight loss!

Thomas Derriso

How many arrows did you lose?

GamesTM 9/10

Jared Luna

About 25 bounces

HQ Prodz

2019 anyone

Colin MacInnis

2020 Raptors vs Tijuana Piranhãs

Merhaba Arkadaşlar Merhaba Arkadaşlar

You do like !!! 2019

Sophia Zheng

9:49, HA!! YEA RIGHT!!! PUH-LEASE, I figured out that I can fight back before my middle school years started!

*written before the cross section of the original pancake as it wouldve been made on the show 😔




That dom and maria one really got me, ive been a fan since the first gears and its been my favorite franchise out of every game series long live the gears of war


Glass plates


Panda🐼and Ty are the best 👍🏻🐼


Okay so that film of lotf messed it up. Jack was described having firey red hair. It was to link to how when the book was released, it was the stereotype that peeps with red hair were impulsive and, well hot headed

Nicolas Boehm

Bet Skippy been bumping this in his basement