Dr. Gulati Proposes Alia On Holi | The Kapil Sharma Show | Holi Special

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Pineapple Head

Jackie diessss😭😭😭😭

skaylar jon

"Bro she broke up with me and now she thinks she's better than anybody because she had a bf but in reality she's just a skinny ugly girl jfhdkcyfbivhf" bro that's how i see him


More marksman stuff like long range

Jerz PlayzAllTheGames

Oh no she got called ugly omg!!!! WOOWOOOWWWWW NO ONE HAS EXPERIENCED THAT BEFORE OH AND HER GRADE DROPPED TO A B wowooowowwwww such a low grade.... WOAH WAIT SOMEONE CALLED HER A BOY?! (WELL ME TOO GIRL)I can’t believe it what a sad story😑😒


Appreciate the work you've put into these videos man. No denying this is my fav channel

Sir Sauce

Awesome as always.

Stacy S

Coby won ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Top 10 for fun

U Didn't Go To School?

Conner Nichols


Hari Krishnan

I have 1 jokeThere is a boy who will look exactly like Tyler but completely covered in silver paint he comes and knocks a door.why does he knock?Because there is no calling bell in that house

Ritchie adras

twin shot

Isra’s Journey

Here Before 10 Million

Dude perfect (trick guru)


Francis Rios

Who ever disliked... they disliked because they couldn’t see the like button because of their tears

Candy4u VLOGS

Was the dick butt thing real?

- polo g -

Rock Fish


Jose Manuel

Remastered??? Enserio? Uhm... prefiero un remake. Personalmente me gustaria el juego con un motor gráfico actual, como el del final fantasy 7 remake, con mecánicas nuevas y todo eso, un juego como se merece un REMAKE.


i hate what they did to the game..they stoped duplication n made the kicks take stam..after that i sold it xD

John Russell

Do Gears of war Easter eggs and gta Easter eggs and la noire Easter eggs

Bear Gamer

2:03 illuminati comfirmed

Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

5:08 tinypong not found.

Until 10 years i was phisicaly abused like:slapping, pulling hair, mentaly, verbaly, if she had something whit me and if i tried to explain ik that i'll get myself more beat up. Even she was looking in my school bag and if i said something, jll get hair pull or even slapped for nothing. Laughs in 144hz

hassan haider

Gta v we

Zareer Rahman

Just watched overtime 9

mew two

Pocket cannon not even cool

Archer Coy


Gavin Smith

How the hell does this stuff happen??


한국인 최초로 겨울왕국2두번째 티저 봤다~~~

Jack Populorum

There is a typo in the CC. At the 5:52 mark, or around it, the text uses the words 'processed wheat' instead of 'processed meat'.

peach channel

actually i feel bad for you chandler😭😭

Wolvz CD

0:37 easy asf btw