DURG to KOTA : Full Journey via KATNI Part 1 - Onboard SARNATH Express

Presenting you the highlights of long journey from durg to kota via katni jn. this was done in 2 parts, first from durg to katni in Sarnath Express while the second part was done from katni murwara, a station 2kms away from katni to kota in SRC-AII express. This is the first part from durg to katni featuring Sarnath Express.Part 2 : : 26/05/2015Camera : SONY DSC W730 / NOKIA LUMIA 730The Rail Mania FB Page :

Chill-God Shady

What are your Goals

Frying Pan

Hey, its me again. So I discovered that the "HAHAHAAHAHAHA" Graffiti in Gotham (The TV series) Is found throughout the series. An easteregg nodding to the Joker. I highly suggest you watch the series too. (It's on netflix)

Carly Horne

I am eating mini eggs


This video will get millions of views, I can see it now.

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I need more of this.


Are we just going to ignore that he RKO'd that tree out of nowhere?

nut in palm

as soon as he hit the manakin with the dildo the other guy said yeaaa


this is how im actually being bullied in school just because i didnt want to be friends with a girl that treated my friends and i like shit , im not telling anyone because-- im scared yk :/ scared that everything would get worse if i do tell someone , scared to speak up bc im shy

Lord Abaddon

This represents it better https://youtu.be/eTezdMLJoyE

Russell Whitney

These easter eggs are great! Except for the part where he said he hated the pixel art thing...

David Espinoza

So I can spy him

GMD kIlpsEn

bouncing on a trampolineSHIRT!!BIG SHIRT!!!!!!!!!

Pakdee Karun

how did you know that

zombie gaming

Classic belichick. “Right now I’m just on Seattle”

Your Customer, Paul

Jessi K

Only a week ago I would not have related to this at all, but now, this is so relatable..


Attention- real humans found



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"Climate change is NOT real"

Laurin kirkko Pöyhönen

yes he should

Josiah Hartie

Please make these more often.

steven wright

What about the R.O.U.S.'s

My heart can't--

Liam Montgomery



2:47 ‘respect your hats’ throws his hat 😂😂😂

Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

3:00 Things like that i love, using internet videos as a Easter egg hunt

Deven bastien

You guys were with travis😋

Tessa Rain74

Aww poor baby...

any TV show before?

Bella Wieden

Lmao imagine being surprised when people don't like you when you say you don't think an entire group of people should have rights

I love cali YT

Ya man peace

Aniurvis Estenoz

I love this story sooooooo much

Earth Saviors


Hi Luk

I wonder how many times he said “ this is the worlds longest cornhole shot”

Sydney Youran

The old guy sucks so much

Boris Baratetta

2:38 to 2:40 English dont speak like that

Jillian McLaughlin

Who else thought the trophy looked like a Xmas tree

Hotel? Trivago

Charl Du Plessis

There is no sound in space, in a vacuum sound can not travel because sound is waves of compressed particles, and because of the vacuum sound can't travel and thus there is no sound in space

I’m lost guy

Shn Lynwdg

He actually ruined the court over a pudding? :p

With my thumb when I was 3

Mary Kennedy


Monica Hankins

No way they did this in the first take

“Where the beat go”