सुपर टेस्टी बिस्कुट केक | Eggless Biscuit Cake in Cooker | Parle G Biscuit Cake without ENO

Eggless sponge Parle G biscuit cake recipe in cooker without oven by Puneeta's Kitchen.For ingredients & more detail kindly visit at www.Puneetaskitchen.comAffiliate Links :1. Cake Moulds (Set of 3) :Measuring Cups and Spoon (8 Pc) : Hand Mixer : Link : Page : Account : @PuneetasKitchenFaceBook Account :

Dwayne Salima

I love both games

Alissa Smith

Holy fark.

payal goyal

Where's coby and Cory

Content Brony


Sell gold

Imani Wilkins

Ok so what exactly did this have to do with the husband?

Jason Mobley

My favorite one was the last one

Senpais Purfume

Katniss is that you?

bťšľóvèĺý bts

Ilysm ur awesome


haha i watched this on the news haha i mustve rewound it like 20 times

Jagger Wignall

Do they have to be full sized NFL footballs

Nosh τ Cocologue

everyone: YOU GOT AN A- This video is just such a slap in the face to any LGBT+ person who has ever been a victim of homophobia.

Marco Black



Dude perfect u guys rock I wish I can see u guys in real life

Abdul Salam

Now get Keanu Reeves. The internet will explode!

Hannah Plays.



I'm the one who takes all of my own candies.

I’m at an amazing school with basically no bullies but I wish I was at a school like her’s so I could protect people like her.

Does it means?

Tiaam Du Nord

The mini breaker sounds appealing but I bet it’ll be sold out 3 seconds after release.

Lauren Jordy

bro I am not crying

She says she doesn't like kids, but then goes on to become a teacher?

draw with doodles

Cory caught it, the bumblebee never hit the ground


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Found the first


Well so unfair for Halo: Combat Evolved lovers...

Ngân Nguyễn

Love u

Joaquin Guzman Loera

Voila maintenant j'ai envie de jeter tout cque jvois

abdennour moudkir


Stephen Hill


Logan Pabst

Banana swirl


Coincidence? I think yes

Jasmin Leigh

Ohhhhh so it’s a girl house 😂 I never knew the meaning of that until now 😂🤣


Call me whatever u want but there is no way he put the amount of power he needed for that longest shot. No. Way.


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Keith Robertson

I like all dude perfect videos

adventureswithTyler kz

Do one with tom brady

Andrea potato

I don't watch game of thrones

sourish Kundu

Your game sucks.....