Easy French Yogurt Cake

Learn how to make a delicious, quick and easy cake in just a few minutes!

Levi Salvado

Pls try the JSC products ❣️❣️❣️

easton ski


Damen Rowland

what kind of feminist bullshit is this, why would you make this your just playing in to the feminiazis hands, bond is a legend im sick of women fucking ruining everything, men cant do anything anymore with out women getting triggered n having to please them ugh

Chad J

Cody Tyler looks like a soccer ball

krabbyboi That likes Coca-Cola more then Pepsi

excuse me. on the to not loose list. it went 1.wallet 2.VIRGINITY. aight then

Battle Bros

why did u guys go to Africa


Why are people just so horrible

Me: Get phone and calls FBI*

Tommy TF2

dat giant flamespitting golden chicken of death

sean lintermoot

Team Ty

Cerys Morris

Underneath you are still the same person and you are beautiful

kiran Ashhad

taylor is a rage monster

David Simpson

what were your favorite easter eggs to find/complete

Sprite Lymonade

This reminds me of that jackass episode with the bull

it's just me

I sure hope he never wins. My vote is ty,garret,cory,cody,and lasy but certainly least noone i never want him to win

So sadd


Hell yeah, one of the best games ever made, definitely in the top 3 of open world games!

wolfman09 cotinola

My cousin is the phone guy

Austin Hazell

Cody reminds me of Chad from "Editor's Edition"

The Nerd Network

you should've done joey lagano

Oh yeah I WAS anorexic so...

Jerry Senpai

Hey can u please do a episode of mortal Kombat x ?

John Franzel Danao

table tennis stereotypes


My wife is amazing 😍😍

Jan Schmeink

how do they have the perfect equipment for every single freaking idea

Ashley Holman



MrBeast do you know Amish made a parody of you

Cpt Cactus

how many times did he tried?

Chris Roberge

wait this girl is saying she can 't remember annything but she can remember almost all of what happend in the passed ???? this dont add up gurl !!

Bianca Maciel niz

Ozuna me encaria conocerte te doy mi número de celular


Why your name is dude perfect better one is too perfect

The Isotope

I can’t express how hard I laughed at 11:12

Arka Mondal

How you animate those videos? please if anyone know the answer reply me.please!! please


Can't tell if trolling or or at a very high level of dumbness

the real lolo lolo

Make a part 2😂😂😂😂


nobody knows how the reaper looks like but there is something I told God about I told him I wanna see and know what happens when you do then i got to sleep then dream of me dying then it happen so fast something dark was behind me and it grabbed me so fast and got me up in the sky so quick in like 2 seconds then the dream ended I don't know if this is true tho

When I visited her, she was on her phone,NOT FEELING PAIN AT ALL!! I cried sooooo much! But honestly, I did think my sister did deserve the attention at that moment


he forgot the dead man with a giant cheese roll in crestwood with some of the cheese missing. Then around crestwood there are other dead bodies with the parts of the cheese wheel. Also in crestwood on a hill is a shield called the Wedge of Destiny which is a cheese wheel with a funny backround

yavuz selim koç

bravo man


After watching this i came to the conclusion Sean Connery is a dick.

LiV_Josh henry

Amazing 😍😍😍

blu Garcia

Should dye ya hair bright blue at jennas ratchet salown!!!

DJ Awesome325

She is as unhealthy as her family.

Thành Trần

Have they train

Raven Maningas

Shirrako be like

XXX Tentaxion

I think i heard this voice with another video so must be a liar or she says stories she got told from

Ashok Rajpure

I to want to join u plzx

Adrian rivas

The spine thing messes up the females back years later


thank you for this video, I heard the pizza planet truck is in finding dory but I haven't seen the movie yet