Edi Cheekati Edi Veluthuru [ఏది చీకటి ? ఏది వెలుగు ?]

ఏది సత్యం ....?!The Buddha Bhagavan: The First Man who sincerely Tried & Finally achieved The Truth.ఖడ్గసృష్టి- మహాకవి శ్రీశ్రీ

Eric Loadman

Luv it

Rare Faction

i dont have any of this dlc so i dont want to sound stupid but does it say "step 5: skewer the winged beast" (like from the first blackops at vorkuta) at 45:33?

Gacha Night

What’s Even Worse is Getting Raped By an Old Fat Dude

Ushiro furimukanaide mae ni susumitai yo


Put easter eggs in the game but lies about major game mechanics

Yad .A

Nate just wants to play with his new power washer

Kendra M.

My name is Dude Perfect and welcome to Jackass

Nyoman Arya

Add channelNyoman Aryalfa

Red Fox Delta

Lol I was in a match with the mind blowing knife and people were just throwing them around everywhere :D

pikagirl TL

I hate the "father"

Pat Kno

The swish shot hit the rim


are you on the Rough Riders Stadium?

Alexus Yativong

the slingshot was awesome

Ruby Alice

I can’t stop laughing lmao dhjshdjagdjsbdhsjgd

Leland W

You guy's are awesome 2016!

TT yler

You should do editors dad edition

andres boerr

Weena waxo ql ahi si t creo


I just panned through the other comment and didn't off hand notice anyone mention the Resident Evil reference from Gears of War 2 (Act3) (Not sure what consoles you use but if you have an xbox this is a pretty cute one to check out)

OG Byron

This was nice

John Cena

My lil sis was born 4 months too early she’s in year 5 but she does Year 3 work

Caroline L


Alfi Syahrin


Goodman 599

Waited didn’t you say the mics were fake?

grrimm 101

Isn't it already on steam

Labranda Shelton

and it mite take a while to be back in dallas

someone of this world

This sequel wasnt really needed but k


At jan 2 i am 10

Brittanie Jackson Chronicles

I’m tired of these rappers calling themselves gods there IS AND ONLY EVER WILL BE 1 ALLAH!


bruh lil baby sounds like he just woke up didnt even try




Never have kids, just adopt

M4Gic Clan

This story is really heart touching, it almost made me cry


A kiss doesn't prove anything.


this fortnite update is so cool!

Emma Lindsey

OCD is so much more than the urge to be organized. While having a tendency to straighten thr pencils on their desk, or smooth down fabric of their shirt, but these are just the compulsive actions. There is a reason the O comes first in OCD. I assume many people know what OCD stands for, but for those who don't, OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The obsessive thoughts- often referred to as intrusives, are the real driving force behind OCD. You are trapped in a tightening gyre of your mind, being pulled down thought after thought. One after another. Continuous worry, a sense of unease, and the feeling that you will not be alright unless you submit to the very actions you told yourself you wouldn't do. These are Compulsives. As you can probably tell, the phrase compulsives, refers to the actions you use to calm your mind. These actions, while a source of therapeutic relief, can be dangerous, an example being cleaning yourself with bleach.

Kaiser Vegan

LOL spoilers for a 47 year old film

Kaleb Henderson

Can i compare her anxiety with mine?

no no


Katie ranger

I Was in a 7.0 earthquake


Wow, the ball was in the air for such a long time

If you don’ made this time stamp for mE, u are welcome to use

Le Bean

Blonde, white woman dolphin hybrid. Lady illustrated for context has ginger hair


Please don't say the "K" word.

Marcos Carrasquillo

Am so confuse