Election Results 2014: Narendra Modi wins India. BJP and allies cross 300 seats

Eight months after the BJP named him its prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, 63, proved he was worth the opposition the party originally encountered over its decision. Mr Modi has delivered the BJP's best result ever, giving it more than the 272 seats it needs to form a government.This is the first parliamentary majority by a single party since 1984. (Audio in Hindi)Watch full show:


i thought jurassic world had no eastereggs .-.

Ikea Robinson

One like is one request for a Volleyball trick shot.

Charl Du Plessis

There is no sound in space, in a vacuum sound can not travel because sound is waves of compressed particles, and because of the vacuum sound can't travel and thus there is no sound in space

Kemima Romain


Chandan Tigga



Are you going to do glitch videos (again)? I miss them :(

gun shots

Fernando Carrillo

thumbs up if you laughed when the panda broke the branch and fell

End My Buffering

Slavery is not legally a job, Jack.

Savannah Truax

I would get killed spending that much money but you made it look like fun


They are masters of fakes!!!


I peed my pants

VADER 1973

The dog on team mom

Amazing satisfaction asmr's Asmr

Hit a like for Garret😊


I had a friend he is rich but one (1) day he got dengue i didin't know that he had dengue when he pass away my mom told me i feel sad and when i go to his house i feel very sad i was crying praying to god that he's in heaven we like to play world of warships but he died so if you feel the same way tell me ok? Becuse it will help you to feel someone is reading you story

Michael Biland

I'm pretty sure Kojima's next game Death Stranding will be filled to the brim with easter eggs too.

Don't know if it means anything, but I was pretty hyped when i noticed !


That did not go in...

virgin killer

ビースト氏 (Mr.Beast)

Millah Thompson

Title: I’m the only healthy person in my family


and gyroscopic forces and the way a normal humans wrist flicks at release causes the ball to actually curve... camera angle had no part, the ball DID curve

chocolate heaven

Yeah, the story is very good and makes you really think about what is happening out there, but like the art tho..... :O speechless

monster vedansh

No I never heard it

Beast Bros

Is it a game??

Pille Gaming

Ty look so jong

Sophie Veilleux

What was her favorite haircut? 😭

Random Gamer

At 4:25, try doing 38 in a row

Bel Ickiewicz

💖 your videos, what spray tan are you using if you are using one?

Me if I was there: what does maybe mean bro... and plus, you need books not a phone but it would be a good idea for this poor girl to have one

Muneeb Mahmood

do a tennis battle next

Morrowind and Skyrim is one universe, of course Raven Rock would exist in Skyrim.


Ending: Minnie Mouse with an eyepatch comes out of the shadows Elsa I’d like to talk to you about the Princess Initiative.

Big fat Chung es

Do a freeze frame football 2

Some Randome Person Mahoney

Guys, don't let this scare you out of having a child. Giving birth can be hard, but it us nature, and millions of women have gone through it.

Aidan Leffler

honestly wasnt sure if you were going to include the crash scene

Kids Fortsch

I think Tyler is a lot like his dad

Anabela Laird

what about a quiet place

Nidhi bhardwaj

And also key shot

Zeanah'sGachaLife Vids

Omg!!! My GIGANTIC fear!!! And its a freaking PHYSCOPATH!!!

Swapfan 52

I myself am bisexual, and my parents don’t accept me either. I came out to my mother once, and she laughed at me, saying that “come back to me when ur an adult, then we’ll talk.” She even threatened to cut of contact with my cousin, and best friend, who is proudly gay. I lied to her, saying the feelings I felt were just a good friendship. I still believe I am attracted to both genders. R any of u the same/have had similar experiences?

FUZE_ Galaxy0

The rams stole and because of the ref