emo emo idi nakemyando ntr aggipidugu



No matter what Rage Monster is my favorite


Chrokee is my favorite because I like putting

funnehfan4eva oof

What about your brother?🤨😕😔

Anya Purnell

The evolution of the tortilla 7:47 loll

J Beemer

oh my god u have all the skills Dude Perfect


1 like on this comment equals 1 team coby teemate

Zach Mills

Butchered that Aussie accent.

Samurai 8

12 and around 60 kilos? “How I became a gold digger”

Code Fac3

Oof. This reminds me of one time.

Batrek Joda

Jesteście najlepsi. Ukłony.


i Try Trick Shots but i have nothing to do anything with it

Michael Nilsen

Cut staten island off and let it drift away


Oh I have all 9, whoops

No hate just saying


Easter Eggs maybe csgo

Tobias Beer

Where does the money come from, you ask? Maybe you ask yourself this question TODAY and then you will realize that if the UBI was to be at the heart of how money was actually created we'd have #TrueDemocracy .

Tech Marauder

When he put Indiana jones hat on, did anyone else start humming or singing in your head, the theme song?

1000 Angry Bees in a Trash Can

Lol, when you take a shower with quiet you can hear a soldier say, "oh she's a naughty girl."

John Van Riper

Great video, you have a really good eye for design.  I'd recommend following that in some capacity as a career!  I like how in each of your videos you have a simple, yet clean approach, you don't try to go overboard with graphics or "flashy" stuff and you always have the audio queued right and good quality.  Your selection of music is excellent for this countdown and I look forward to future videos, both games, movies and even if you expand into other things like TV shows, etc.  Thanks and keep up the good work!

Tasp Flames ψ

I’m not eating it’s 3 in the morning

Yatin Lifetime

This Is The Best Video On Youtube

justin smith

whats up wit slendy now

BigMac N Cheez

If y’all are telling me that iggy, boogie, and draymond are all stars, then the raptors starting lineup is filled with all stars with one off the bench as well (Ibaka) and don’t tell me y’all aren’t taking iggy over ibaka.

Wolfia :3

My parents have known I'm depressed for awhile...and they've told me to just be happy..and I'm just a kid so I'm not going to tell them...

PuBg Mobil1 No1


Shirtless Pinoy

Ang galing


Hello fellow gamers!

Unikon YT

Plot twist: Tje parents aren't dead, they're just tired of Elsa's ice bs

Everett Kehl

I like how Ty unplugs the TV from the wall before throwing it out the window

popo chriso

Ty you look like Freddie Mercury.


The pe teacher looks like Donald trump

Justin Garcia

I do this with breakfast burritos, mashed potatoes, steak, cheddar and eggs with sauteed onions, it's killer with a little homemade hot sauce

- uruguay


That gumball one is so fucking funny XD

Zoe Durose O'Bray

I’ve come back to say “shut it anime girl your opinion is shit, go away homophobic anime girl”