EROS RAMAZZOTTI BACHATA MIX 2016 (Grandes Exitos) 2015 - 2016

EROS RAMAZZOTTI BACHATA MIX-----------------------List : 01. Cose Della Vita - EROS RAMAZZOTTI02. Adesso Tu - EROS RAMAZZOTTI03. Piu bella cosa - EROS RAMAZZOTTI04. Fuoco Nel Fuoco - EROS RAMAZZOTTI05. Terra Promessa - EROS RAMAZZOTTI06. Una Storia Importante - EROS RAMAZZOTTI07. L'Aurora - EROS RAMAZZOTTI08. Un Altra Te - EROS RAMAZZOTTI09. Favola - EROS RAMAZZOTTI10. Quanto Amore Sei- EROS RAMAZZOTTI11. Ma Che Bello Questo Amore - EROS RAMAZZOTTI12. Un Attimo Di Pace - EROS RAMAZZOTTI13. Un Cuore Con Le Ali - EROS RAMAZZOTTI14. La Nostra Vita - EROS RAMAZZOTTI15. Stella Gemella - EROS RAMAZZOTTI16. Parla Con Me- EROS RAMAZZOTTI17. Occhi Di Speranza - EROS RAMAZZOTTI18. Quasi Amore - EROS RAMAZZOTTI - EROS RAMAZZOTTI19. Fuego En El Fuego - EROS RAMAZZOTTI20. Piu Che Puoi- EROS RAMAZZOTTI

Faruk Aksamaz

This is what happens with bad parenting.😒rather than spendin all the money and donate 1k, you could donate all the money..😴

reissner ginez

Ty is the rage monster


That's why alcohol is haram

Question Mark

LOVING that early 90's grunge vibe

Awesome LegoStar

Go to the burj khalifa

Brianna Gamez

in the movie adladin sabastin from Ariel can be seen

Thompson 5

My kids will love watching this! i love these different style videos :) x

Salty Rusher

That’s not fair it’s the balloons fault

John Henke

Is there no one in New York with a New York accent?

Carter Houle

COngrats for 45 million views and 296k likes!!!!!!!!

AJ The RPG gamer

Poor girl

Tai Xoum

any one else get scared the crap out of when u first went into the grocers?

Christine Rosencrans

Tell him I said hi and I dare you to try to catch 3 sharks at once.

General Tupac

You guys should do the same thing except with McDavid.

ᴍᴇ: sᴏ? ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴs.

Logan Sikes

Amazing trick shots ever


Why you kill the sharks

me me

bully:where's my money??

Claire Gainsford

when I say the hammer move near the grave I thought a girl was gonna pick it up I was so happy

# 63G774298

Awesome personality.

Jaker Plays

Do a volleyball stereotype

Karlos G Medina

Idk it seems lame

prijanto tatiek

It is awesom

Jennifer Steffey

Brian is gucci

Stacy Kendall

😘😘😘😘😘 so good

Ethan Smith

The basketball hoop thatthey used is in their first video

I don't know what it means lolololololololololololoo

Atharv Modi

0:13 we can still have children

Sean Harvey

1:41 The magic conch shell has returned! lululululululu


Cadê os br ;-;??

Matthew Breslin

They blurred out all the signs for no reason!

Owen Garrick


Haki Core


Noah Campos

baseball diamond

Dharel Veloz

kalah atta gelug mah ama ini


maria rodriguez

mi best parts are the HBD parts!


Only that many views within 3 days? CDPR and John deserve more that that.

Caitlin Faye

Its so cool.

Me:i dont wanna go to school!