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ICY Dejay

anyone else gonna comment on the fact that the watermelon was already busted

Taibah Airin Taib Tariq

Ricardo was fake dp was real

Brian Quiroz

Yo mama so fat she sat on a quarter and squeezed a booger out of Washington’s nose.

Sam the Marble Racer

Soo who won?


Jerry Hsu........


666k LikesKeep It That Way

Kaisha Cthulu

Simple: don't


Since when Croteam is an indie developer?

Bff's vlog

Bijuu Mike is like Gacha Mike! I lone Gacha Mikes vids bc I like Gacha..❤️❤️


Of course it's fucking zombies.

Lance Winter

So my dad was a km "kitchen manager" at outback for 13 years and he loved the food there and my mother was a km for Texas road House for 3 years and she hated all the food at Texas Roadhouse and loves outbacks food

Bimal Stha

Tyler Tony !!!!!!!!!


I would constantly have anxiety because I might lose a bullet

Ryan Pham

1: I’m so fancy you already know it 2:brbulbrolbirlvriublbroborleob


Who here place for the MS. Yankees

Smitha Stephen


Soe Reh

Your mom

Crunchy Toast

Isn't scruffy the name of the janitor in futurama?

Nùra Claudina


Sonic The hedgehog

Come on W I L L Y

G-Mans Gamer Cave

2:57 fortnite btw

james mandeville

your not strong, but if makes you feel better, we are all just weaklings that are forced to endure pain that we will never learn, grow and or get anything positive out of. And that's just the truth.

NurxNeo l

Finding Elsa's power origin?This is so fricking lit omg my queen you look awesome

Verber Harhshe

purple hoser

Pepijn Roosen

fordnight SUCKS!!!

John Barnes

Sick house


What if baby's name would be Calvin...


Twin tower

I got a new one (currently using it) and I constantly have to check doors, if I closed things right, if I left the sink open, If my phone is in my purse. But this things happen everyday, it's stressing, I have to check them exactly 6 times before I can relax.


this kid is so good. “i hop in foreigns for my boys that took a ride in that hurst”🤞🏽🔥

So now i bring a stufed teddy bear to school to call down ir i'm stressed and f**k everybody who think I should stop cause I can bring a toy to school so I will

Chelssy Joseph

i love striking vipers

Jackie Rickard

Do a rage monster different than Ty

Zenergy HDZ

210000Th yeah



Stella Iman

If someone hits you, you hit them back, no matter what gender/sexuality either of you are.

Zak Potter


And the 🇮🇸 Island.

Finn Gonzales

What kind of app did you use to draw??



William Kee

Fetus Deletus


Do you play many games consistently or do you just switch often for Easter eggs

Jay TheMemester

great episode


what is with the gman, always staring at you from a place ?

What The Heck

That’s why I hate boys

Tega X

F for Ty’s rocket

Psychoti c

Who else lives in ohio

Callie xa

I thought it was bijuu Mike’s channel ;-;

pokemon lover


I know elders can be irrational as they are not perfect human beings but you know they have experience more than us