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FAGOTTINI SALATI ALLO YOGURTrosticceria palermitana farloccaSE NON HAI IL LIEVITO MADRE le dosi cambiano del tutto.400 g farina 00 7 g lievito di birraun vasetto di yogurt da 150 gmezzo vasetto di latte (o acqua)40 g burroun uovo7 g saleUnico accorgimento nel procedimento: far sciogliere il lievito nel mezzo vasetto di latte e aggiungerlo all'impasto prima di incorporare il sale.FAQ:FARINA: in video uso farina di tipo 2 che si presta ma non è il massimo per la poreparazione se si gradisce un fagottino tipo brioche. In questo caso usare farina 00 o, del totale della farina, metà 00 e metà manitoba.Yogurt: in video uso un vasetto da 150 g. Se ne possiedi uno da 125 va benissimo lo stesso. Orientati con le mani mentre impasti se sia necessario o no aggiungere pochissima farina.Yogurt greco: non si presta a questa preparazione perchè troppo compattoBURRO: si puù sostituire con l'olio ma il risultato si avvicinerà alla compattezza del pane più che a quella della brioche.❤︎ ISCRIVITI AL MIO CANALE DI CUCINA!ISCRIVITI al mio canale beauty, fashion and cose!!!❤︎ ISCRIVITI anche a UN MINUTO AL GIORNO! Un vlog da un solo minuto tuuuuutti i santi giorni... ;)CLICCA QUI:su facebook! anche il mio canale di "cose" ➤ anche su:Instagram: ➤ ➤ ➤ CONSIGLIATE:* UNA DONNA E' SEMPRE A DIETA * IMPASTIAMO * CHE SI MANGIA A CENA? *TORTE SUPERSTAR *


Dutch also says you can not fight gravity in the mission where you help the indians and the captain. Just like in RDR 1 before he kills himself by jumping from the cliff

Kaj Dunk



1st looks like tiy getting it in

Fabio Guga

Then pay with your blood!

Knowledgeable Queen Khair

Maybe Africa would be a better place if they followed democracy they wouldn’t come over here

Itzkavin yolo

This girl has a braveeee family

Laura anderson-lombardi

Do you think oj did it?


I have to ask @FunWithGuru, how do you find these? You find things so small that don't even seem like Easter eggs, stuff that many people would never find. When you're exploring the game world, do you just make note of various items then go back and research a possible significance? What is your process? I'm intrigued by these all these that you find and am just curious. :)

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wow this is amazing

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dude perfect is super cool

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u have a good taste about sound.. direct talented

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I think cory is gonna win

I only had a couple of friends who weren't toxic.

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So technically is there money in NK since she got money from the salon

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im waching this in 2018

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Song number two isUP ON THE HOUSE TOP

Lil James.-.

Random fact:The letters on the Grave are Greek and it means Rest in peace.


I keep forgetting you're not the one with a secret fart channel

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Got a brilliant (but expensive) idea, why don't you buy jetskiis and then try to bump each other of


Ur so lucky u have a gay friend TwT


"Why is grandma black." LMAO

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0:30...the green chocolate.. the healthier the better

Redeu Belbety BOMB!!!!

we have the same name and i look look like him.

Now against Toronto that’s not gonna cut it that gave way more guys that can get buckets & play defense unlike the previous two teams that the warriors faced

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Can u please upload the 3rd episode soon? I am curious

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Rat Lady

i was 4 pounds

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Reverse cap flip

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Its an indie game genius

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Anyone else going to name the Shield Legendary: Naofumi?

Amtrak 145 autumn express

That's unfortunate to coby and cory!

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Wow the new smash fighter looks so awesome!!