Fatafat News - Mass Mallanna | 22nd June 2019 | TV5 News

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I call it a breathing machine.. don't really have a name for it. I only use it when I have an attack. I like to use the mouth on tho

Griffin Grimes

Yoooooooooooo check out ballin up basketball trick shots 1 and 2


When that evil laugh comes up it sound EXACTLY like rayman from portal! Like so others can see!

Shelley Rowse-Harold

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Rajeev S

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Blinky Blink

Put a 1000 degrees ball in a jar of honey

Viv Gupta

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nancy waters

let the video making to your brother., and Anwar Jibawi is 10x better than ether on you

Anna Wilke

This is how much love and support she needs

Mr Off Topic

07:57 Awkward, when a skull made of cats is the best part of your company's entire E3 presentation...


They charged this man nearly $2000 for some wotherspoons

Mere Buti

did anyone realize that panda did worse than ty but they said he did better

danielle hensley

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Garreets baseball fail

Chris Johnson

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BIA Cujio

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Ximena Suarez

Who remembers the Rosa de Guadalupe episode on this.?

Claire Sadlowski

I used to be very skinny in high school and, instead of minding their own business or asking if I was alright, my peers spread rumours that I was anorexic. This was true and I felt so alone. These were people that I’d gone to school with my whole life. These were people who were selfish. These were people who I thought were my friends.

Lisa Spiekermann

is no one gonna talk about the credits

zayn mohammed



You should do a vid with Stephen curry

Emily Twilley

Team Necklace!!

karan ponnanna

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Revealing Numbers

did the Same thing at 2:30 am

Toby Wang

Mom no drinking in this house starts smoking and turns abusive

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Alwyn Campbell

Why Akina do the developer loves her or something? Why not other models.

Edit: thanks for one like

Aury Chan

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reneta nikolaeva

Her P.E. Teacher is at 100 XP

Gilliam Flebus

This is an awesome game. I quit it after playing for 14hours straight and realizing it was taking way too much of my time.

Russel Caleja

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Kim McDowell

the last one

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Eli- D

Amooo los escenarios y a los que están en los escenarios 7u7 se ven hermosos

Ultra Gamer

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Kade McCay

Do cricket trick shots with Michael Clarke

Cookie8154 AJ

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Gaming For Eternity

0:00 who shoots with both wrists... wut?

Caio Paes

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