Feet of Flames - Planet Ireland HD

Feet of Flames from the Route of Kings: Hyde Park / Planet Ireland

BlueRose FrozenInTime

Dang the zombie one on half life wow.... THAT'S SO COOL

Grant Boyne

Cory just can’t learn that in every video he’s gonna get a sugar bottle smashed on his head

Bigc Gaming

That's messed up how the wife is cheating on the husband

Chris Johnson

what state is this filmed in??

Vinod Murmu

I'm feeling flowy ha ha

facundo parvis

super like

Dennis Ducsay

Rc drone edition like if you wana see that


I also had a panic attack in class. This happened about a month ago. It wasn't as bad as this story but when I did I searched up something funny on my school laptop. I made it my laptop screen saver. I showed it to my friend and he started laughing hysterically. He called over some kid and he told me to show it to other people. I did, they started calling me gay, retarded, stupid, dumbads ECT. I thought they were joking, but no. They were bullying me straight up. A couple periods after lunch across the room in language arts, I heard people, the same people making fun of me in science. I was getting really pist and stresseed. I started stabbing my desk with my pencil. My friend sitting next to me was petrified. He didn't want to be next so he gave me my pencil. The chattering about me was still going on. I was doing my work until i felt super SUPER calm for like 20 seconds and there was still people talking about me. But some kid said "Let's expose [my name!]" I felt really tense and I felt like i was having pins and needles all over me but no pain. I started punching my desk like I was punching somebody with my thumb pointing up (not a thumbs up) and started to go ham on my desk. I then stood up and started breathing really REALLY fast and light. Every time I blinked, it seemed like the teacher was teleporting to me. She was trying to calm me down. Some kid went near me and the teacher and said "Yo, [my name], you okay!?" The teacher yelled at him to go back to his seat. The teacher said "[my name], you're just having a panic attack calm down." My friends rushed down to the office and one of my friends (i think) screamed "HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!" The principal rushed upstairs to my pod and I was rushed to the middle of the pod and i couldn't walk very well. They tried calming me down and I was put in a wheelchair and rushed to the nurse. They tried calling my mom and dad but they didn't pick up. I could talk but it was hard to understand. The school counselor came to the nurses office and said "Do you want to stay here, or should I wheel you out in my office?" I said "Yeyhs," and I got put in the counselors office. I could speak fine but my legs I couldn't move at all. It took about 10 minutes till i could move them. I'd told him what had happen. And I got home safely with my next door neighbor on the bus. (same grade as me) and I told my mom and dad about what happened.


Amema Kaiino


ศุภชัย นุชสาย

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Genesis Samayoa

Dude you guys are awesome great videos

Ali Muhammad

Did any one notice that he changed his photo?😞



ChaseBros 0912

Not to be mean Cory but you look wired

I’m Islam btw

Achintya Pranshu

write google gravity

Chris Hare jr

Make part 2


It is blocked in the US for copyright so I can not watch it

jenalyn thao

You guys are so brave 🤗🤗

Jahed Miah

I feel like this is made-up story


She deserves getting cheated, yes he’s wrong but he at least “trying” to fix it

Elise Bailey

I liked the golf shot!

Nonrasa Rattham


11:23 "Cowboys vs. Aliens DLC" Come on R*

TheSrushMaster Animates



Dude Perfect do football trickshots but vs Sidemen in it

Mohamed Aziz Aissaoui

يا بزران😂😂😅

talha emre ünal

finally mate fuckin hell

Victor Santiago JR

Oar you kidding me



i was really close to becoming anorexic, i followed alot of pro-ana blogs but if it wasnt for my parents id never hear that little voice in my head telling me that this was wrong

Swift er

Oh I fell sorry for his mom.

Santiago Sepulveda

I would have slapped the guy.

Devin is kool

At 2.23 I have the same pistol but it's shock

Cut the tears.


I seriously hope I can still play as good 'ol Thatchy boy.


Amazing video! Defnitly a thumbs up! :D


That title was a little exaggerated like damn “mY lIfE iS oVeR iM pReGnAnT” well guess what ya should’ve never drank so much my dude.


eyyy, i'm an aspie too

M Panther

What city are they in

Giovanni Dreas

Awesome idea and nice video :D


this is for you tyi hate velcro it is such a rip off

Katie Tye

Okay so this is my first time here and I’m 99% sure I just fell in love with Jen 😍❤️

Jaxon whte

Make a restraunt?

sami okbe


Jared Crites

You're welcome Guru!

Ken Humphlett

Now compare prices between the two chains.

Danny Alvarado

She’s an angel 👼 😇