Find Da Wae (animation) -- Song by CG5

why did i make thisGo sub to CG5's Channel! He wrote the amazing song that went along with the video!SONG: I used to make this:Paint tool sai and Sony Vegas


I think the cats name is Ty

David Evan

No grass were hurt in the making of this video

Jorge Gomez

Kawhi couldn't guard shit.

Juan Ramirez


Keith -__-

In third grade I watch this in class with my friends

A Herwick

Me: just flat out dies

Darien Fabela

you skare mi bitch

Samuel Castiglione

Need 3D printer guys

Gray Fox

Hooooooly crap, this is looking better and better!


STAR WARS WAATER EGGS, (movies and the games espesially star wars battlefront


You sir, deserve many riches from the sale of your book. Many many riches.

Denzel Delaney

Yep....still don't get it 😑

Connor Stein

I love ant man


So if panda got a bigger fish he couldve gone to the finally

M4RY - Roblox Gameplays


Dylan Dubuclet

What song is this

Balaclava Too Big

DJ Khaled in the water at the Mario Sunshine one

Josh Emmons

That had to take a long time to get the gum out of Ty’s beard


Spread Clan

I like about them is they are christans and good at tick shots.

I promise

Liz Ledbetter

Michael Jordan dunk is my favorite

kez bah

douche bags.

Lainie & Tassia

"Mist" is like a "JUUL" but it doesnt have nicotine and helps you?

Abigail Weller

Very subtle turning Dorian into Dj Khalid hehehehe

Cami Cakes

I would love to do one of these. Want people to know about my life and that they can get better.


I don't get the ending at orgins. The zombies were just a story some kids made up during WW2?