Flute Expert tries $70 AMAZON Flute VS Her Flute

We unbox and try the 70$ Eastar EFL-1 from Amazon and my very own flute! Jump to 9:00 for the Test! Would I buy this cheap flute? How does it sound against a professional flute? It's Flute vs Flute again! TBH IT IMPRESSED ME FOR A BEGINNER FLUTE! EFL-1 SOLD OUT! FIND EFL-2 (90$) HERE AMAZON US: It's a must watch and you won't believe your ears!Help us and become a producer for The Flute Channel over on Patreon be a proud supporter of what we do here. Pay as little as 2$ a month and help us continue to make more videos and content! ✩ PATREON: MERCH - Twitter - Instagram - Blog/Website - Facebook - #canyouhearthedifference #cheapflute #Iboughtacheapflute

Henry Saegenschnitter

Don't let those weeaboos push you around guru, good video but don't let your channel turn into anime trash

Wes and Will Tucker


xHyPeD HeRd FaN

Way to hop on the cod hating bandwagon! and by the way, name 3 things that are the same about blops 2 and I will not call you anything more then a dumbass.

Alexis Arquillo

You deserve a million subscribers,nice vid bro , already subbed like 6 years ago

shivraj madse

How it's possible

Beard's Bread Emporium



yup bring a ungly girl home get some glow in the dark sticks and put them around the picture like a frame turn off the lights and just focus on the picture ^^



Kane From Milton

Stephen A. Smith is a bullshit artist of the highest order. The Raps are going to go at him hard, Kawhi is going to run him into the ground, and body knock him out of this game. Kawhi is a killer. KD is just a nice lunch (add some brocolli and hot dogs) for Kawhi.

Midnight the hybrid

This is so sad....im really sorry about what happened...

Joseph Matias

I'm from the Phillipines nobody treats me fair

What happen to the kids

Sophie Scott

@9:32 did anyone else hear emma call ethan baby? or just me🤔

Kristin Campbell



On the hitman one I was I love add

Andrew Penrod

i didnt get # 7

Coincidence? I think not.

Erwin Urizandi

That was Mario song

Jake Driver

Easter eggs are a way of life !

Kitty Cat

My name is Maria and now I'm crying.

Sayou Cooper

This is kind of a random story because ,not to be mean but, who cares that u lost ur hair to cancer, everyone with cancer(not all types) lose hair to cancer

One Day it'll all make sense

I wish Jean Grey could fuck up all social media so no one could post or message anything or anyone. First stop Jean, MUTE THE FUCK OUT OF ESPN.

Izzy Bo busy

are they a boy or girl

John Rambol


Fiona Vrapi

Is anyone going to talk about how LIT that artwork was?❤️

Peachy 323

Video: mentions God

Cookie RoxyPaw

The comment section is full of judgmental people. Sigh.

King of NFS: R

Isn't the one in monster inc. looks like the setting in a bug's life? Like if you sorta notice

Brian Mercado

He got those for free lol pin pad didnt even change from the main screen

Patrick Duffy

that was the best

Jeffrey Dirts

Can you recommend this game? I mean, I don't care much for a story line but rather fun and exciting gameplay.



dank Dreams

My boy woody had a bald spot

Nice, that’s how I felt! Lol


"W-why did you tell everyone?I thought you were my friend..." So...she was outed as a homophobe?ajddhhdjssjjs- =))

Elizx Lopez


Your Favorite Anime

If I'm around a big group it turns me into "ultimate introvert" mode. Me in a nutshell. Big party, I don't want any physical contact please. Stage, I can't speak a word. Being stared at by strangers, my extreme nightmare. Big school group, better stay far away and take it slow.

Kevin Lanning

Great video as always

Joe Lawrence

he had to hand-craft his "Dude Perfect seven iron" so it would be heavy enough to hit a "legit basketball". If they had tried to pass it off with a normal golf club I would have agreed with you, but that's whay they had to make a custom club. I think it's real

Dah Bunz

Mrtoots d*** is getting beat that's what's goin on

Robyn Potato

I just watched final destination and then I find this


But they make more money from that just from this video alone....

Pieter R

wonder whose face is that 4:43


Yes, PC rules!!!

Tevin halfpint

My favorite dunk is Michael Jordan


Cobys first win was hailarious

Spandan Nepal

whats the name of the song

ART_Gaming TV

is the voice of the girl jaiden animations?