Freshers 2013 - Part 2 (Girls Ramp Walk) @ JU

Freshers 2013 on 27 Nov 2013 at JECRC Univ. Central Lawn.

Leshia Gentry

Tati I just love you, you make me want to be a better version of myself. I refell in love with makeup because of you thank you. Sending you lots of love, muh

Adam Jenk

Like if drew got robbed

BradyBG 73

I like Cody’s Golden State Warriors Jersey. 👍🏻

Maria Drew

Florida Georgia line


rockstar is hinting at DLC's like if you go to lester's.... old house theres like a zombies invasion's and other things you can see at his house maybe hinting for dlc's or maybe not for DLC's..... Maybe There will be A Grand Theft Auto 5 Undead nightmare???


Otis looks like russman from bo2 



John Blome

I feel like they doctored the longest lacrosse shot

It also may happen your father blackmailed her. Your biological mother was afraid that your father will take you away from her that's why she didn't tell him about you . So why she won't contact with you later ??

Noah Chin A Foeng

I have seen the panda look at the shoes when he comes out of the tunnel and look at the shoes of the orange biker

Some Guys Music

What the heck you guys were in Mil? I'm just west of there


Well, now what!? Kawhi didn't shut down KD, even on a bad wheel... but it's all moot! I think it should be clear... Max isn't worried about Kawhi getting the credit... he just wants to fuel the fire of hate for KD!


and where is the hidden Magazine with the Dead Island Symblos and with the Title riptide ?



Bethany Hart

Hi Glog

Addison Jones

You all should play Gaga ball if y’all want to do it just look up the rules please I can’t remember all the rules. Rich should build the Gaga ball pit.

The Truth

No1 on trending this is going to freeze 🥶 the internet....

Sol Cheshire

I think Tyler is most like his dad👍

J Sa

Wish I could be part of the Dude Perfect one day

Be realist people , money control everything , EVERYTHING , even religion


I feel like I could run into you guys cause you guys usually are where I go all the time

Seda Yıldırım

Fuck you man this pallette is AMAZING i want it so much :"(

Girl: 😧😖😢😭😭😭

Twat Internet Cafe

So... Nathan is a Bieber? Fuck... But wait. JUSIN DIED IN APOCALYPSE, IS TOO IDIOT! LET'S PARTY ALL WORLD!!!!!!!

mind blow

John Deslatte

Where do you get your flat top?

Leader Altair

It's Good!


what do u mean "and how to make it."

Elijah Albertson

Your self's

evan davis

where the drugs at

God Fagitolli

Spam f in chat for tomato head

Alex C

Not one of their better battles. But it grows on you and is far from their worst.

Akshay Maharaj

dude perfect drag race stereotypes video

Manjula Madari

Put next video flying fighting with water ballon

Sandra Alvarado

I can’t believe the doctors would do that and it’s true it’s there job to help them LIVE not let them DIE slowly and painfully...I can hear the pain in her voice and it hurts me...I don’t have sisters but I have brothers...and I LOVE THEM with all me heart ♥️❤️ 💜

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Levilol0221 Nagyvári

do a binding of issac easter egg or unturned or cs:go

Monzir The killer

And I really like it

Anson Hii

2018-2019 anyone ?


I love that snippet of the "Look at all those chickens!" video


The intro feels so incomplete because garret isn’t there

Tristan T

Talking to all kid labor just girls?

Bring Me More Booze

How much did this faggot have to pay to get to #2 on Trending?