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1:Say "GO BACK IN YOUR HOLE ANXIETY!!!" "How do you do that you that?" You may ask. Well you get over it, that means no more drinking, No more attempts of suicide, and no more genocide.

Nude Man PUBG

Bruno mars reborn 🔥

Ms. Nester Gang

Yo why is this better than Normal

I envy people like this, I wish could be that positivity, he is for sure gonna get far in life😊

Annabella P

I’m playing with slime


"Let's go play our secret game"


I hate you valve...

rynor jamandre


Tanya Burton

That’s Deep


Nice one man! This really blew up :D

Sumathi H

Doa videowith me....I'm busy but I will manage

Anthony Lozano



Great video! :D Pero el que ama una ve', má' nunca vuelve a amar


2019 SUPERBOWL Baby!!

Jerry Butler

OMG! I'M SO SORRY!!! (I'm on my papow's account I would change my name)

Kayla Ehrlich

Fucking graysons reaction to the robo vacuums is hilarious

Joshua Hisoler

I really hope the upcoming trailers are like this one where it doesn’t spoiler everything and just gives us a small glimpse of what we can look forward to

Logan Reed

There are also plenty of Easter eggs in game achievements.

Terilinda Villa

you should do a 30 mill sub count panda reveal



panha rith


Tyler Deverman

Honestly think the dude was just trying to help push him back up but was too weak and too far away so it turned into him kinda just pushing his arm a little

The red Knight



Get Aberdeen on

K Productions

I have a little bit of depression I think BC I also take things too seriously and personally also I always take things the wrong way but thankfully I've been able to turn it down and I hope you can too good luck 🙃🙂😊

Rainbow Note

yo for another wheel unfortunate option you should have the person spinning walk around town with someone on their back XD

Much better and intresting concept than our Indian Youtubers.... ☺️😂

Nicole Pham

The clip in the beginning was basically THE FLOOR IS LAVA

Kingly Queenie

Honestly her parents open relationship sounds like the least of her worries

Hanna L

I'm avoidant, my partner anxious 🤷🏻‍♀️


do one for watchdogs



He’s clearly offbeat and the whole thing just sounds like crap




🌺🌹Lelee Please give me heart I will show it to my kids that are super fans of yours to🌹🙏🙏😻🌹😸😊🌹😻😍💫😊🌟🌺🌹🌺🌟😻😍🌟🙏😊⭐️⭐️🌹🌟😻😍🌺

a cunt

did anyone see gurukids groceries at 7:51? another great easter egg from guru.

Gabi Gallant

Let’s go Canada 🇨🇦!!

Katelyn Scheidt

rickyshouldbea olympian

can’t relate

So.... is elsa lesbian or nah?

trying to get 100 subs without a vid Shafin

U guys should do a zero gravity trickshot video

Wr3 mk

" Hawkeye is my favorite avenger , cant wait to see him in the Avengers game "

Laurie Caspoli

sometimes fans suck

Madd Catter

I saw a lost dog bolt poster in the Wreck it rolph one


Activision knows how to pick music.

the Derpachu

Does this mess Cody deflated the ball too? 😂

dante shadow

Hey guru. I have a question it's the next video, if it's not gonna be about Easter eggs then what will it be about ?! :/ btw' awsome video IT'S OVER 9000 .