Furfura Rail controversy

Durty Dan

The only things keeping this from being an instant purchase is the Epic Games Store, Pitchford, and the fact that Claptrap isn't playable.

Ghost Jeff

I hope that he did these first try

frisky animatez OwO

It took me 3 whole minutes to realise this is about bipolar and not bisexual...


check out "broswish mountain view edition"!!!

sutini tinni

Yang suka like ok

Maritina Mylona

I am the anxious cause i always think that everyone hates me and i need to fix myself for it and i am also the avoidant one cause when that happens i quickly think that since people dont like me i will stay all alone so i cant dissapoint or annoy anyone and also when i am with other people i see that they spend more time with other people and i think that it is cause they prefer them over me.If i am alone no one can compare me to anyone

Kyle Bowen

Ummm... did no one else notice the guinea pig at 2:14?

Greetings from Astora

justin bieber as nathan drake? :'( why naughty dog why?


I thought the Destiney poster was odd.


What about Kevin Hoefler next, hmm?

iiiMoon Light

I'm early 33 comment!

Isabella Schmidt

glad to see#it hello,follow sun what's your opinion about this, gyys


that cory in the house joke was gold

Ivan Chavez

Looks really good

Aim rock eater yt

I knew it was. Checkers

Shawn Ralsei's boyfriend

My dad smokes, and after a while, i had enought and bought nicorette spray and a small gum pack

Jose Torres

2018a I'm watching this

Maricota Eduarda

i like overtime

wait why is this blue

Fortnight All night

14 bounces

Ervin Abcede

December 2016?

Nina Perry


Cayden Hawthorne

Travis gets drafted by NYG

Helene raven

I got myself a crested gecko for this purpose, haha... It's helping a lot to have something to care for

LK Horizon

moo ve over

Teniola Odutusin



@MrThickfreakness He's white..

Oniix Windrunner

yeah the scarab gun was expected. its so overpowered that it completely annihilates EVERYTHING in seconds. honestly if you could get that gun and keep it from like level 1 to the final mission you could beat the game on legendary in maybe an hour or 2 and never get killed (unless you accidentally shot yourself from being too close).

Lance Salvador

I saw the Dwane (Duane? idk), but ive never played hotline miami, and it just seemed so fitting that I thought it was part of the game. :/

Issac Guaman

I could never, my petty ass would have packed my bags and packed my kid and gone to live in Europe. (I’m American).


What is your favourite Xbox/PS2/GameCube game?


Finally took you a while.


Hey Guru. can you answer me one thing? do you have to have beat the game to see the ufos. Not the one at mount chiliad. Im talking about the ones up in the air.

2.mind blowing easter egg Just one thing: Hideo wanted something as symbol to identify himself and he chosed those new glasses.

Justin Plunkett

The bottle flip guys are the best even his son

Tom Atkinson

Wow. Answered the critics pretty damn well ;)

Owl Cinema

I’m taking off my pump while watching this

Dodo Star


Bacon Burger Attack

Low to high, You can see Ty jump which is a dead giveaway!

Esrat jahan

This video reminds me about my childhood.Today i am not confident at all.I can't take a simple decision without anyone's approval.I can't say no to anyone.The worst part is still now my parents don't understand me.I have always wanted my parents to encourage me,understand me and my dreams.They say i am not like my elder sister.I am mentally very weak than her.Hearing this comments everyday, now i am so scare to do anything by myself. I suffer from anxiety.May be a severe kind of anxiety.Though I really need someone's help to overcome my anxiety my parents don't pay any attention.Whenever i tell them about my situation or going to a doctor they ignore me.I feel like inside me i am

Panditer Qwer

My parents love me and my little brother, I wish other parents feel the same way to there children

Why don't you kill I?


I tick on all of them!

awsome gamer

Hokey steriotupes

Emilia Catone

Congrats Garret

Waddup peeps

egg dab

Samantha Stragier


Junior DB

Ella es Callaíta 🔥🔥