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#Geethasubramanyam Is a #Teluguwebseries Which explores the Tom & Jerry kind of couple who are in live in relationship, the story is all about how they realize that they areactually made for each other with their silly fights for serious things and serious fights for very silly things. Exploring the various different situations that go on in every household in a funny, slice-of-life kind of way!Casting: Manoj Krishna Tanneru, Darshini Sekhar,Priya,Harshitha,Pinky,Srikar,Saikhyathi,BhaskarA Srinivas & Sivasai Writings Dialogues & Directed by : SivaSai Vardhan Jaladhanki, DOP: Siddam NareshMusic: Jagdeesh SatyanLyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar Garu & BashaEditing : YuvaDI : Nani Lukka, Publicity design: Bsp Roy, Dubbing : Goldie,Madhulatha ReddySound Mix: Srujan ShashankaDepartment: Basha Sha Meheboob, Chiranjeevi Gopisetty, Artiste Durgaji Yedida Location Courtesy: Aparna Bulusu Line Producers: Sriharsha Basava, KarthikMarketing- Anil, Bhavya NatashaProduction: PadmaProducers: Saideep Reddy Borra , Rahul TamadaSubscribe & Stay Tuned: and stay connected with us!!Facebook: Twitter:

Anna Lewaicei

Who the fuck told Noel he could have THIS much sauce


Looks like Ned is from alabama

sabine schulz

Do you live in texas


1:50 he sounds like rob dyrdek



Proud Mexican!

Holy mother of Jesus!!!!!!! OMGGGG I AM SO EXCITED!!!

d k

Dont worry . Lord has plans for us.


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Texas Champion Savage

Odell is the best

my epic life

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6:18 i closed my eyes when those lights turned off... then i scared my ass when the bitch started dancing.

Michael Reynolds

You are the best YouTube or‘s I can’t think of any more better Youtubers Dani



its portuguese not brazilian bro!

Nathan Joscelyn

What are the dudes favorite NFL team

Danny Mahoney

I’d be a coffee drinker too 2:58

twan the weirdo

not the dog. OH NOT THE DOG!!


Screw Outback

Arul Jothi


Pestilence Wins

That Song At The End Gave Me Nightmares