Give us the date: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray dares BJP government on Ram temple

. He will hold a press conference at 11 am today

Hunter McDonald

It was probably the jousting over giant catfish


2:07 roblox reference

Joycelyn Hee

All sytomps of depression to me since sec 1 nice



Arthur Mbuyi

Me too


those hockey shots were fire they should use him in more videos.

I have twins and I didn’t know I was expecting twins til I was about 3 months. So there’s still a chance.

ethan Mop

We are sorry to hear that this poor kid has recently passed away:(


You got An XboxLive Gamertag?

Lilly Vaughn

who is your favoret dude?

What are you up to, Satan?

nolbiol _roz

looking too ezz when is montage on this way


There Is Also Another Dead Space Easter Egg On Ep: 9 On A Table In the Living Room I think in front Of The window Is The Comic Of Dead Space Really Cool Easter Egg Should Check Out.

Something like this should never be tolerated. It needs to be spoken of to an authority. Wether it’s a parent, a counselor, or someone else... DO NOT LET THIS SLIDE.


+1 if you see this video in 2019 😂


Oh, don't react like that to dumb troll comments. I don't think that such stupid people exist


Thanks KQ Ent. for taking care of the boys. They SHOULD get ROTY or I will be too angry tbh.

isobel warhurst

Does anyone else think a lot of these are fake because in lot of the videos the voices are the same???

le17all Ytb

10 year ago

XAlistskitsX LOL

On the thumbnail i kept thinking that was a fortnite default skin ski

David Casas

Wendys definitely won. However, im just mad Ronald basically said apple was better than android lol, so he was easily last place


The first one may have been a double with a Porky's reference there.