Gnocchi con pesto di zucchine / Primi piatti facili e sfiziosi

Alternative al sugo per condire gli gnocchi? Un bel pesto verdissimo di zucchine renderà gli gnocchi non solo buoni ma anche coloratissimi!► ISCRIVITI per più VIDEORICETTEIngredienti per preparare gli gnocchi di patate con il pesto di zucchine:Per gli gnocchiPATATE 1 kgFARINA 300 grUOVA 1SALE 1 pizzicoPer il pesto di zucchineZUCCHINE 3MANDORLE 1 cucchiaio da tavolaPINOLI 1 cucchiaio da tavolaPARMIGIANO REGGIANO 2 cucchiai da tavolaSALE 2 pizzichiBASILICO ½ cucchiai da tèOLIO EXTRAVERGINE D'OLIVA (EVO) q.b.--------------------------------------------------------------------------Nella cucina di Cookaround c’è sempre qualcosa di nuovo da imparare! Ogni giorno ricette veloci e facili da replicare ma anche tutorial passo passo con la cucina d’autore dello chef Luca Pappagallo.Puoi scegliere tra più di 500 ricette originali della cucina italiana ed internazionale che aggiungeranno stile e fantasia ai tuoi piatti. ► GUARDA ALTRI VIDEO:ANTIPASTI DI ZUCCHERO VEGETARIANEnel mondo di Cookaround: la community per chi ama la cucina e tutto ciò che le gira intorno!sui SOCIAL- Facebook Twitter NON PUOI PERDERE LA PROSSIMA VIDEORICETTA!Iscriviti al canale

Carter Hanson

you should make a tour video of your ranch

jab 1435

Pluto is a dwarf planet Technically still a planet lol


0:07: Rocket league hoops.

Tj Price

Dude is this real you just gave that girls number to the world

Elite Nation

He doesn't deserve to be on a great channel like dude perfect

Me: 4 you


jeff toney is panda

Timothy Kay

you guys should do a video with mike trout

xXPhantom43 Lit

2:37 that knife didn’t stick and second it has nothing to do with a crossbow.


its about time you posted something longer than a minute that isnt riddled with ads...

Allyson Draws

1 ᒪIKE = 1 ᔕᒪᗩᑭ ᖴOᖇ TᕼᗩT ᗪᑌᗪE

Joona Sintonen

Panda died

Stavros Saoulidis

This is fake. the other's aren't


Her voice sounds sarcastic


Best notification ever on my phone

1. In waycrest manor 3 witches boss is reference to 3 witch sisters from a witcher 3 (well most of mansion is).

Daniela Garcia Zamora

Why don’t you say how far along you are ?! 😒


Tere Alexandre Ravize


Jacklyn Dahl

I’m 20 and I have incredibly wrinkly eyelids and I haven’t found anything to help! I do my best, it’s not that big of a deal, but now I really want this brush!! Thanks Tati



James Posey

This video hard as hell 🔥🔥 best song on the album

Pablo Escobart

That shirt is fire

Doritos Fan

Saves time Saves life

Joe Mama

I’m surprised at the comments cus this song is kinda wack.

Luka Cvetanovic

This video was so upbeat and crazy!!!

Durdana Nazli

Do you play on a p s 4


the thelma and louise one is my favorite

Harsh Jain

0:46 is best shot

Just Ioncălă


Jameslivex ツ

team cory smoke team coby

Owen Koenig

I enjoyed the part with the plane the best.#AvGeek

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Why would a school make a rule to limit the interaction between two kids who understood each other? What does school gain from this?

Urooj Cheema

Omg I did my research and I think it's Howard Schultz!

Steven Cox


My mom said I’m skinny

I’m a ha’am

The rage monster should’ve been in traffic. Missed opportunity

Jhom Castro

Okay wait so after the Raid thing, do ALL of the trainers get the chance to capture the boss or just one of them?

Omeir Limen

All cars are chevrolet

Cindy Baker

How do you get a job tho damm it must be hard

Dipendra Music

Hit like for long range short

Chris Maizys

The kid is a total noob

Djjedjdjdjdj Dhdjdjdjfjf

1.56 Beautiful

Aaliyah Herron

I have the same situation. I haven’t eaten a full meal in months. And I’m in the part of the story where my parents still fight. But there will hopefully be a court order on the table, hopefully.

Aqua Man

Half of the features are not gpnna be there. You may say that but you know it's not the truth.

Erfad Kifli

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Cassandra Olivier

Once a cheat always a cheat

Dup Boy

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Aaric S

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Can this game just die already?


Do baseball game stereotypes


You can’t do that to the shark that it can’t do thatSo I have to put dislike 👎 nota do that