Grahapravesam Full Movie Part 9

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Blair Faras

bruh deadass that's like someone saying: sorry, I just don't think poor people deserve rights, but that's just my opinion uwuwuw

Dad: yeah it's pretty hard for you probably

Banishboy 32

Where was Chick-fil-A

Joshua Biggers

U are a monster how are u going to cheat on her and still know that she is extra sad

Ciera Carr

The dark crystal is a game on the switch!!!!!



amy fox

Miami Dolphins


Đęppřeßßed Gąčhä Gírł

Trailor: ExistsMe: Why the hell am suddenly intrestead in frozen???

Callum Green

6:25 haha I pissed myself laughing

Zach Laiz

Ty what jordan is that



Finn Wolfhard, 2017

Kai Deneubourg

the lonely deer is bambi LOL

Savannah Sharp

I wish I could come to the charity event but my parents can't take me to california

Anakin hessler

"your speed is tremendous!"


When you said "here" and the arrow pointed, was one of those places in washington?

Nate Horne

4:48 that was literally me

Mustapha Corr


: vaulting the hunting rifle

Noah Chavez

He is am idiot now

Sis no

The story teller is such a brave and mature woman..I wish her the best of luck in life❤️

M o o n w a l k e r

when Snape came, i thought, why no one ever did a whole video of Snape Talking? i found his voice beautiful...

o k

I've been getting weird stares too.

Edik Dulak

I'd love to see this set up like the mario kart game.With mario karts

Nibbachu The Pokémon

I know this is gonna sound weird to some people but I always feel bad for adopted kids. Like I always wanna know their story but in reality I can’t. 😭😭😭 I just pray for them


i dont recall that being in fable 0_0


The Basket over the Tree shot

chiki larreynaga

you are funny

Riley Bechiom

I know this is serious, but 00:44 "Knees week, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti."

GothicRaven blood

Hahahaha I love this chick she’s awesome n badass

1. She says she doesn't want kids, yet she's a teacher... Is that why she's a teacher..