Group Discussion Woman empowerment a cause of incrising divorce rate in IndiaPART5

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Paul M


Kitkat 2.0

She would have survived if she was rich. Too bad not everyone is rich.

Aaron N

Congrats man keep it going it's great!

Fatgirl C


Nao K


My brain: hehehe...

Mildred Perez

Awwe so i told my little cousin to come sit with me and watch a video and Elle pop out and she was like “Woww a princesss👸🏻 😍” 😩


Jupiter Ascending referencing A Space Odyssey? That's like an insult!

Flameboi 313

Low-key this is a troll item since it still damages your squad😂😂

I can tell you how I got them. A combination of trauma from an abusive mother.....& smoking weed on a daily basis. In the 70’s everyone was smoking weed, & it was strong too. I wish I never started smoking weed. I never had panic attacks until marijuana use. I was strong, & basically a normal kid. That all changed after smoking weed on a basically daily basis.

wyatt g

you guys are awesome

Achref Legend

Weird rudy did future theme too

Aaron Turner

This was a damn good video here..

Ben Victorson

Tyler looks like a white james Harden



Sheri-lyn Green

Maze bank. Las Santos

Candace O'Brien

what about it makes it extreme

Elrian Buck

Still always excellent

A Pineapple

This video accually restore my faith

Sreehari Ramesh

Who else loved the green car......😍

Coolkid1258 Oconnell

60 yards is my fravrite

max makara

OMG best Dude Perfect ever!

Christine Trieu


RedLizard Aviation

Leave a like if you love Gatorade

Vogviews 3

2019 anyone?

Tronic Rise

The double crossbar garret dint hit it

Charles Raith

Me Dec 2018

JellyWizzing NotColl


Danonino :3

Jigglypuff's final smash predicted dinamax!?

Ezekiel J. Proctor

Nice video @FunWithGuru I loved it!

Gwyneline A.R.


Edouard Auclair

Dat Red Dead Redemption 2 clip at the end tho ! (in the Made by: Guru Kid)


i heard your explanation and i will judge you; you don't deserve this woman. she's so much better off without a man like you; you don't cheat to fix things, going through a rough path with your partner is completely normal and if you truly loved her you would've talked things through with her since the beggining instead of asking her to go out with someone else you dick

If a 240# man fell on your wife what would you do? Just stare?