Guru Randhawa | LAHORE Live in Mumbai 2018

For Guru Randhawa show inquiries and booking:Now: Stay Updated!Guru Randhawa performing LAHORE song Live in Mumbai 2018.#mumbai #dublinsquare #lahore #2018All the songs on this channel are posted for entertainment purposes. All Rights to Music Label Co. & No Copyright infringement intended.__________________________________Guru Randhawa is an Indian singer and songwriter from Punjab, India. Randhawa is known for his tracks like "High Rated Gabru", "Patola", "Suit Suit", "Raat kamal hai"and "Lahore". He sang in the 2017 Indian Premier League opening ceremony.________________________________________Subscribe To MusicKicks channel = Music Kicks on Facebook = Music Kicks on Instagram = any queries, email at =

Zachary Holden

Shut up

Tricia Briana

you guys make friend scream enjoy

Country Rebel 74

I thought panda was burying Bucky at first


Jalen Venegas-Martel

the weekend

Tyler Durden

Soundtrack is like Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Ahmad Raza

😍😍😍😍 waooo

Shane Sroczenski

I think i am the creepy gnawing on a pickle in the corner

The Outdoorsman

Do airsoft next!!!!

Mohan Reddy

Play cricket

Sapphire Ice

Is this a myammar traditional dance!?!? :DD

Ahmed Alharbi

This is great

mad lad

I just clocked that the dude perfect symbol looms like the ps one

mia booke

U guyz have WAYYY to much time on your handz. XD


Hello Guru!

Ashlee H

These comments have me dying 🤣🤣🤣


What does Kylie Jenner even do is she a Kardashian

Batatude FG

Am i the only one in Brazil?

Jacob Gimnich

bring back panda


For me best game :)

Heck, even once I had stopped taking meds

Diane Noble

pano ba yan maydaya ata yan eh


the royals are my fav baseball team love your vids DP

Dup Boy

you have really really nice eye

-Skiltz -

I think this is deja vu from 9/11

john winston

I can assure some people this is almost 100% accurate...

Spencer Baker

I love these guys.

Mr Sealio

4:09 That timing though 🌩

Essy Cee

Tati, you ALWAYS look so beautiful in your videos, but you especially look so gorgeous and fresh in this one. Love, love your look! I really like your eye makeup! Also, you look happier and that makes me happy. I hope your days are brighter and better. I love you!

Icy Mello

3 million??? Nani!!!

Suwu Nation


Osagyefo Agor

Do try not to cry, " a silent voice the movie"


he forgot the abraham lincoln easter egg in a house near the graveyard