Hans Zimmer- Best soundtracks compilation

0:00 Now we are free (Gladiator)8:09 The Dark Knight Rises15:51 Time (Inception)20:26 Interstellar33:21 Pirates of the Caribbean

Halie McMillan


Paddy Fahey

Ty looks more like his dad

Sab368 Ice man

Yes my brother

Brandon Phelps

One of them is panda

Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr (PC) Part 06

Sybus Tech

the hell was that guy playing the guitar?

MaRmAnO Imperios

muito bom seus videos Dude Perfect 

Ben Nelson

The Statue of Liberty shot with your target on a boat.

Tadgrick Peart

is what I would say if it was true

Girl: shjdjkklf my opinion tho i am so OPPRESSED🤡

FireFly Silver

I dont know how you did that!

Zainab A

No never quit purple hoser


Has anyone notice the end timestamp is 7:47 a easter egg of its own.

Adrian Playz

I see a man in white evrey month.


Courtois I love you


Couple speculations either A) the twins stole Lilith's siren powers or B) using eridium too much made her expend her powers. But that's just a theory...

Catphone 53

The dislikes are from people who like cat litter are thank thay wasted it

George Nicodeme


Thomas Harvey


Brittany: I need a new hair style


So they found the code for ff8 but question is how did they find it?.

Sophia Claire Rellora

Nov 19 ,2016

Jane Mullins

february 2018?

Little One

Thanks Post. Dope song. Oh and am so high right now.

LPS Unicorn

Robber:*breaks in and sees us*

Bici Animations


ทรงศักดิ์ จันทรสาขา

Ya know what will be funny..If he got super powers