Heart Touching Love Story " Prematho Peechumittai " | An Abhiram Pilla Film

Follow Abhiram pillA : :Peechumittai won 2 SIIMA awards & Best Director award From Story writer of pillA web series.Director of MMK Web series ,Rambhato Ramudu, Breakup tarvathaa.. & Tarun From Telugu Medium shortfilms Flying Cat Pictures an Abhiram Pilla film (From the Director of Rambhatho Ramudu , Breakup Tarvathaa & Tarun From Telugu Medium )Genre : Love/ComedyLanguage : TeluguProduction Number : 4Cast:Lalith Kalidindi, Leela Tata ,Ravi Siva Teja Paila, Jahnavi Dasetty,Karthik Reddy,Niroop Poosarla, .....Crew :VFX : Sky 9 Studios YS CHANDRABharat PawarDubbing Studio : Ganesh Cine StudiosSound Engineer : AnilDI : VamsiTitles & Poster Design : Swaroop SusarlaEditing : CarthiCMusic : Karthik KodakandlaCinematography : Sreekanth ArpulaCo - Producer : Harish DandagalaProducer : Abhiram PillaStory, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction : Abhiram Pillaus at


Is there a chance they just used Ditto to make Mew and Mewteo?


Jesus fuck how can you stay up so long?

shruti kukkala

I know how giving birth fells like cause i get cramps 😢

Mr. Heracross1218

Fishing’s A Sport?🤔

don't how much it helps🙏💕

Ariel Koistinen

You should not have to pay to save someone in critical condition,that is stupid


I think pixar should make a time traveling short film about the guy/girl who drives the pizza planet truck and all his adventures threw the many pixar films

Shpresa Munguli


Sam DiGi

1:30-1:35 ha

Chicken Fish

The dinosaur is probably a reference for battlefield 4

Katelynn Lee

😂😂😂 This story's fake lmao

Jahn GH

Never knew that life will be that tough in childhood I've really thought about life in a simple way 1 like=1 prayer


Patrick Infinity

700 Chickens never got to see their babies grow up

-At your friends house

Jade Foster

Her:My grades started to drop.

skyler thompson

jesus... craig xen usually spits fire but wtf was this shit? his verse was GARBAGE.

Melle Jobs

She is so funny! Omg!

Brooke Murray

You got to admit if it was fake. It would be really good editing

kimberly manuel

Heh..... I don't even know if I have depression I have 7 or 8 of those facts. But I wanna have a therapist or phsycologist to ask, but it will just waste my moms time and I,don't want her to be mad at me so.... I guess I'll see what happens in the future. Oh!! And I know she uses a micron pen!! OMG I love those!!! 😍😍

Zach Olpin

I hope this game looks better at the end, and I hope they add customization, despite me enjoying playing as a good guy, I'm a sith.

Zdolny Ale Leniwy

how do they nail the music for every trailer for 10 years straight?


That last one looked like the apocalypse

Ink Smith

Yes... yes to all of this.

Oliver Queen

Fake you can't remember stuff when your 3 you start remembering stuff when your 4 or 5

JLF Lionheart

What da heck is John Rahm doing there ?!


How make the this

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Thai 💕

Laura Calderon

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fofo Ala

Im so excited 💎❄️about this( FROZEN2)


Gnar be looking like princess Leia


xbox scarlet 8k 120 hz ray tracing? lmao good luck false claims..

Stepsmia Stepsmia

Watching In 2018

NTK Official

5:08 his eye like alien's eye

I look the same, my parents to!

Yousif Alfatlawy

YES DOCTOR WHO REFRENCES!!! That Turdis one made me laugh my ass off

rref _

For a zombie game, this game lacks a lot of zombies


Nope not 900 "likes" 3,469 "likes"


Love how sas asmr has more subscribers then walt Disney

The Snack That Smiles Back

Life Lesson: If the WiFi’s broken you’ll make my smile upside down

Rai Aler

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King Crehker

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309 experience trick shots 2!

Christine Brown

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Kacper Zajączkowski

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Euredice G.

Imagine them meeting Merida now that’s a movie.

Earl Williams

About time! After how many years?!

btsjjang 1

I'm not fans. But this song is so nice

Phoenix Realms

A few years ago it would hit the back board now its a splash.

democratic education (none is listed in global top 200 university), democratic PISA score (scored bottom in the world),


Fuck I love this man, makes awesome videos and keep me entertain! THANKS Uncle Guru! <3 #BoarderlandsMarathonEasterEggs???????????????????


Do you plan to do an despicable me Easter egg?