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Aadi Buddy

I was there in celebration

Reed and Nathaniel Nguyen


Kaitlin Meadows

Am I Depressed? I feel like these symptoms relate to me.

Anika Haner

I can relate😩 I'm 14, and it's been a little over 2 months now. It's making me really anemic, and I have to stay in bed most of the day because even walking up the stairs makes me dizzy/blackout. I've been taking iron, Tylenol for the headaches, shepherds purse (so nasty, but I'm greatful for it) chlorophyll, and a bunch of other random stuff. And I have like, no underwear left cuz it's a pretty heavy flow. It sucks though because being on ur period ads all these hormones and throws you mindset out of whack so you're never thinking straight. I am also failing most of my end of year tests because I can't focus. I am very lucky though, because I do online school🙏

Earrape Database

the serious sam one didnt scare me

Ellinore Erato

2019 people

That's why I'm scared of death....

Amazingly Awkward

The only one quality video of 76 in YouTube :)

Me: you will regret that...

utkarsh jyoti

its amazing



James: you are a bad person if you make others feel bad because they are awkward

Michelle Rogers

Coby aged better

herothecool1 1

Hahha I love vip Manic Drive

Rizwan khan

I love the rage monster 😈👹 AAAAAAAaaAaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaAAaAaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaAAA

Mariya Isak

U guys are AWESOME!

Sempai Gamer san

So nature Vs summer Vs Spring

Jon K

I want a golden hamburger


Director to video editor: "what's the worst fucking song ever and can you mix it over the middle of the video?"Editor: "say no more, fam"

Sé que tiene mas de veinte


"I don't wanna say he's a psychopath.." title:


Ocd wasn't even a thing like some years ago. What's wrong with this generation


Who is the panda

Jill Balke

Who here is team Coby?

Black people: stop being racist

Cyril Chui


2-Sopla el puño

Bobamaster48 Stone

The slam dunk arrow bounce shot!!

Logan Arnett

Also thanks for all the entertainment I really appreciate it now ever since I discovered your channel my friend and I always try to find some Easter eggs 😊😊😊😃😃😃😃

Ned is Ty

Diego Devars

I like your movie Trailer voice Guru... Good Video, I love Hannibal

Portgas D. Ace

Hey everything in this channel is a paid actor

Beer Chugs

How about Mercury in Fish?


why did you and your cousin not call the police already and why dud he kill her

Katie Cat

0:41 What a nice shirt, Luke