Hold On

Shawn Malone

Come on Coby. I got faith in you my dude.

Captain grant



love you tyler and the team

TG Toxic

You spelled business wrong

Dylan Paul

Ty you duck

Goku Veguetta

yes Dude perfect

Johnny_RG 2y6FC ninorata

God bless them all❤


It was so nice to see white and black people get together and just love each other without racism❤️


Its easy to tell he made it first shot on this, other wise hed already be soaking wet.

Jonty Clark

did you guys find a mummy in the pyramid or was it just Pac man

ethan ash

Watching 2019


@mincygrape Yes or course. Im also hoping Dead island has some Easter eggs.


Coby if won

2. Sobbing like a bitch

Taylor Time

Hoe is this possible for

AM 73

Dude thats perfect! 😂


Vic Hates everyone

I whould kill myself if i was paralized my life is art and music if it wasent for that i proububly whouldn't be here

Popular Pug

4:12 the therapist says the rapist

Margarita Arredondo

Film with real madrid

Untitled T

Uhhhh why was cat in the hat in the conjuring 2

Omri Ofek

oh boy, welp... my recommended is already shit anyways...

Lisa Charles

I could never do that


the way the music just stop spook me...


Best miss click i've had all day Was trying to close my browser so glad i dident

Ian Frank

I thought you would sound younger

Michael nolastname

I would love to meet you guys.

ANDILLO gamers

This should be called Ty's stunt edition!

You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)  Edit: who else is satisfied this is exactly 10:00 :D

Kolby Stogner

he needs some chronic kush 🍁

Emily Block

you should film todd gurley and jared goff

Miguel Alfonseca

Dafuq did you say?

JD Gaming

Yea blow it up walmart

Skisuman Warrior

Did Ty Touch Second Base With His Foot Or He Missed On The Third Trick Shot


girl: is it faith??


Imagine how her grandfather would have felt if he knew what would happen to her is he died

Jesse Sanchez

Cody bent his knees during the trust shot

N. Andas

You are the best, Guru! Love your videos <3


0:05 for a moment I though someone pushed him

RP Productions

When u have a firebottle or dynimite u got to dead eye mode but u haf to have dead eye lvl 2 or three then u lock on with the weapon and it turns into a heat seeking molotov

Amon McEachern

I saw a who wearing the purple version hat from the Cat and the hat

Larson Montgomery



Nicholas Wong

I toke over the city already