How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

Pick your program here - to this channel here - shoulders are one of the most common postural problems that not only makes us look bad when standing but it compromises our bodies over time.In this video, I’m going to show you how to fix rounded shoulders in just 4 steps by attacking the problem with the right series of corrections.In order to get rid of round shoulders you will have to work on correcting joint issues, muscle weakness, muscle tightness and bad habits.We start with the joint correction.Most of us would think that we likely have a problem with our shoulder joint if the issue is rounded shoulders but that isn’t exactly accurate.In fact, tightness and restriction in the mid back (thoracic spine) is a far more significant joint mobility issue that is causing the shoulders to assume a bad posture.You can use things like a foam roller to try and correct this mobility issue but what is more effective and easier to implement is the simple drill shown in this video.All you have to do is lie face down on the floor and extend your arms up over your head at a 45 degree angle.Roll backwards to one side and let your arms stay high.This will not only rotate your thoracic spine but it will move it into extension and help you open up the restricted area.Do just a few turns to the left and right each day and you will quickly see your posture improve from just this alone.Next, we have to deal with the muscle issues.Muscles involved in causing rounded shoulders are either tight or weak.The syndrome is called upper cross and it is one where the muscles of the pec minor, levator scar and upper traps get tight and short and need stretching while the rhomboids, subscapularis, serratus and lower traps get long and weak.Here we are going to first focus on those that need to be stretched.The best two stretches are ones that you can do without any equipment.All you need is a doorway to position your body in and you are good to go.Stretch the subscapularis by putting your elbow inside the doorway and getting your arm into a position to throw a baseball.Rotate your body away from the elbow and you will feel a good stretch in the muscle deep inside your armpit and in the back of your arm.Hold for just 30-45 seconds and repeat a few times.Best results come from doing this just a few times per week on both arms.The pec minor stretch can be seen described here.Be sure to also stretch it for 30-45 seconds a few times a week and before long you will find it easier than ever to get into the correct posture because you have freed up the tightnesses.In order to be able to hold this proper position however, without thinking, you are going to have to strengthen the right muscles as well.Here are shown just two exercises that you can do with one inexpensive resistance band.The key is that they not only work the right muscles to fix the problem but they work them in the right combination with each other.The focus here should not be on doing lots of reps but rather fewer quality reps.This whole routine for fixing your rounded shoulders should not take you more than just 5 minutes to perform.The key is going to be to be consistent with it.I tried to keep it really easy to follow and low in the requirement of equipment.Just a few times per week and 4 steps is all you need to start making the rounded shoulders you now have a distant memory.If you are looking for acomplete workout program that is designed by a physical therapist to not only give you great posture but help you to build serious athletic muscle in the process, head to and get one of the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems.Start training like an athlete so you can start feeling and looking like one in no time.For more videos on how to fix anterior pelvic tilt and scapular winging along with other common postural imbalances, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at

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