How to Grab Rs 1 Crore Placement | Placement Procedure for Tech Companies |

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Camaro Mustang

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Rocco Mosca

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Kory the Gay boi

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Axel Alza

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Troy Merritt

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Terri Waldron

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Joshua Gilmour

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Sayf Rafiq

don't forget the people fighting to pay the bill

Giselle Jurado

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Battlefront 1 and 2 Master

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Brady Bridge

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Fuego Boi

you should really watch black mirror it's very good

Kiara Browne

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thepurger 22

I balled out tears the whole time when the vid was playing


One way or the other, the rage monster always gets it's dues.

Amy love meows

Impossible means I'm possible! Don't give up HOPE!


Some Random Dude

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Steno J

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°• :*:Sophia_Turtle_Lover:*: •°

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Michelle Huang

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Chauncy playz

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Luke Bitner

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William Brandt


David Turner

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Sparked Skull

Wow this won’t be broken and removed within an hour of release because we all know this game is balanced

The Mighty Umbreon

In my opinion she should have left him alone since he told her she didn’t want his help.(Don’t come at me for my opinion)

Connor Hogan

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The Snacker