How to playing manjira (kartal)

centurion 7

"i am not a miracle worker" line of spiderman in comics


I like this kind of videos you make because it makes your channel unique and funnier than others, I really like your content. Great video, take care!😁😁

Little Pea

10:58 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jay 0_0

Cory said a bad word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is nice and all. But if you're gonna go to a different country should probably do it the right way first. Then the illegal way second.


Türkiyeden olan var mı?😂

Third Street Saints

Why tho? It wasn't even worked in the first place. I mean if you wanna make a standalone zombie game that's cool , but why it have to branded as Rainbow Six and why it has to have Siege characters in it? I don't get it.

YEYE Nation 1

Nice video

Pewdiepies Army

Me spots the trailerMe ThE CoMeNeT SeCtIoN WiLl Be GrEaTAlso me what to comment what to commentWhat to comment intensifys

A Table For a Magic Show!

This story was told by a different animator

Sze Ting Chan

I'm on the verge of hurting myself.... Help

She cleaned house and didn't even drink anything at all!!!

Min Joon


If you haven’t watched that video you should, and if you know who that is, thanks? x

Bored and Generic

when fallout 4 comes out can you play it with commentary

عبدالمحسن الدرع



People assume I'm ocd when I just like things in order, where they're supposed to be, and being neat. It annoys the hell out of me. Who knows, maybe I am ocd, but I don't think I am...?


Delicia Sims

What's. The.Next .Video

The Mystery Songwriter and choreographer

I can't have gum cause of braces

Egg S

2:13 DIO!


THAT was Cool

Pixxel Gaming

You cool bro! I love your videos! You make them great!

Jordan Poppe

I feel like this a re upload


This trailer doesn't explain nothing.


That’s a lot of pringals

More Teddy axb

My favorite is Tyler

emilio valenzuelalopez

hola soy mexicano y es muy bonito ele pais de mexico


how the hell do you find these seriously, it's like your talent or something


wind much but still Damn nice shot every time i wach this i still get amazed

O wait wrong channel-

Why Morgan?

Omg finally someone who gets me

Jayden & Kaitlyn

zion, alocate al final, what?

King Puppycorn :3

Tyler team: team beard


34 people aren't dudes

Jamie C7


Tristan Holmes

The meow journal backround song sounded creepishly close to the lavender town song

Subscribe to me for no reason

This movie seems good since it's 2019

Tom Banner


Existence master

Buy a shotgun and find her

Jo Arner

on January 2


all these chicks be swiping left because they don’t have rights😂😂👏🏻

Sergio M. Urbizu

whats about dark souls reference?

Benjamin Samuels

do more battles like if u agree

Thor Floyd

What do they mean by the commish?

Like if u cried





But Mat? This was confirmed years ago? That Ditto is the failed cloning-experiment of Mew.