How to prepare for AIIMS (UG) Admission Test | By Former AIIMS Director MC Misra

AIIMS MBBS Entrance Test

Goku 悟空 Geo


Ahmad Bilal

OMG the editing in these videos has me rolling on the floor. Buahahaha.

Ritu Sharma

4:09 How on earth could it fly so well without primary wings?

You’ve been struck by


confused at 2:02

Wesley Burton

Clayton kershaw

Ahmadbadaruddin Ahmad


Danker Beef

place sponges

isack thoms

lol 0:42

Gucci gang

Derek Asciolla

Yes he does


the music justs makes it more EPIC

Taranjit Badwal

:C feel bad :C


holy shit

Revilo Legend

Who is that in the back at 5:43

Thank you sooo much for sharing such a great insight :')

Veronica Jazmin Montes 21


Mr. Golden

Love you no homo

Strange Brew

its on espn e:60 right now too

Vintage Commando

I hope the directors had a good chuckle.

Orang Africano

first shot is not special. i get that with 15-20 trys

Jmaster 2205

Where is he now


I don't care

Evan Flowers

Brodie Smith = take 1: YEAH!!!!

Gabe LaMonica

Do lacrosse trick shots

Rechelle Nguyen

that is sad


May 2019?👇like

RegularDude000 7554

Almost 100th......

M_a_X Clarke

2:32 is fake. I slowed it down and while the green feather stuff is going through, the bow is out the other end.

Lareze DB

I'm sorry for crossing fandoms but...25:22 Grayson dead.ass sounds like Jin laughing here!

Kip Jeffree

o my god the monsters inc appearance and the bugs life appearance are the same place!!!

AbsentVxVx 2019

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Zara Abbasi

Somebody should use the microphone for cool not cool

Andrey Karnachev

This is the mist fed story I have heard

Lizbeth zuzuki